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Sweden Exchanges

The table below details the stock exchanges in Sweden

Exchange Listings
Stockholm Stock Exchange 23

The companies headquartered in Sweden are listed here:

Company Sector Listings
AAK Food Producers AAK
ABB Ltd General Industrials
Acando Technology Hardware & Equipment Acando B
Addtech General Industrials Addtech B
Alfa Laval General Industrials Alfa Laval
AllTele Telecomms AllTele A
ASSA ABLOY Construction & Materials ASSA ABLOY B
Atlas Copco Industrial Engineering Atlas Copco class A
Atlas Copco class B
Atrium Ljungberg Real Estate Atrium Ljungberg B
Attendo Health Care Equipment & Services Attendo
Autoliv SDB Automobiles & Parts Autoliv SDB
Avanza Bank Holding Financial Services Avanza Bank Holding
Avega Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Avega Group B
Axis Technology Hardware & Equipment Axis
B&B TOOLS General Industrials B&B TOOLS B
BE Group General Industrials BE Group
Beijer Alma General Industrials Beijer Alma B
Beijer Electronics General Industrials Beijer Electronics
Beijer Ref General Industrials Beijer Ref B
Bergs Timber General Industrials Bergs Timber B
Betsson Travel & Leisure Betsson B
Bilia Retailers Bilia A
BioGaia Health Care Equipment & Services BioGaia B
Biotage Health Care Equipment & Services Biotage
Björn Borg Household Goods Björn Borg
Boliden General Industrials Boliden
BTS Group General Industrials BTS Group B
Bulten Automobiles & Parts Bulten
Bure Equity Financial Services Bure Equity
Castellum Real Estate Castellum
Catena Real Estate Catena
Cavotec General Industrials Cavotec
CellaVision Health Care Equipment & Services CellaVision
Clas Ohlson Retailers Clas Ohlson B
Cloetta Food Producers Cloetta B
Com Hem Holding Telecomms Com Hem Holding
Concordia Maritime General Industrials Concordia Maritime B
Consilium General Industrials Consilium B
Coor Service Management Hold. General Industrials Coor Service Management Hold.
Corem Property Group Pref Real Estate Corem Property Group Pref
CTT Systems General Industrials CTT Systems
Dedicare Health Care Equipment & Services Dedicare B
Diös Fastigheter Real Estate Diös Fastigheter
DORO Technology Hardware & Equipment DORO
Dustin Group Retailers Dustin Group
Elanders General Industrials Elanders B
Electra Gruppen Retailers Electra Gruppen
Electrolux Household Goods Electrolux B
Elekta Health Care Equipment & Services Elekta B
Eniro pref Media Eniro pref
Eolus Vind Oil & Gas Producers Eolus Vind B
Ericsson Telecomms Ericsson B
Ericsson, Telefonab. L M Class B
eWork Group General Industrials eWork Group
Fabege Real Estate Fabege
Fast. Balder Real Estate Fast. Balder B
Fast. Balder pref Real Estate Fast. Balder pref
Fast Partner Real Estate Fast Partner
Fast Partner Pref Real Estate Fastighets AB Balder Pref
Feelgood Svenska Health Care Equipment & Services Feelgood Svenska
FormPipe Software Technology Hardware & Equipment FormPipe Software
GHP Specialty Care Health Care Equipment & Services GHP Specialty Care
Gränges Automobiles & Parts Gränges
Haldex Automobiles & Parts Haldex
Havsfrun Investment Financial Services Havsfrun Investment B
HEBA Real Estate HEBA B
Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref Real Estate Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref
Hennes & Mauritz Retailers Hennes & Mauritz
Hennes & Mauritz B
Hexagon Technology Hardware & Equipment Hexagon B
Hexatronic Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Hexatronic Group
HMS Networks Technology Hardware & Equipment HMS Networks
Hoist Finance Financial Services Hoist Finance
Holmen General Industrials Holmen A
Hufvudstaden Real Estate Hufvudstaden A
Husqvarna Household Goods Husqvarna B
Industrivärden Financial Services Industrivärden A
Industrivärden C Financial Services Industrivärden C
Indutrade General Industrials Indutrade
Intrum Justitia Financial Services Intrum Justitia
Investor Financial Services Investor A
Investor B
ITAB Shop Concept General Industrials ITAB Shop Concept B
JM Real Estate JM
KABE Household Goods KABE B
KappAhl Retailers KappAhl
Kinnevik Financial Services Kinnevik B
Kinnevik A
Klövern Real Estate Klövern B
Knowit Technology Hardware & Equipment Knowit
Kungsleden Real Estate Kungsleden
Lagercrantz Group General Industrials Lagercrantz Group B
Lammhults Design Group Household Goods Lammhults Design Group B
Lifco General Industrials Lifco B
Lindab International Construction & Materials Lindab International
Loomis General Industrials Loomis B
Lucara Diamond Corp General Industrials Lucara Diamond Corp
Lundbergföretagen Financial Services Lundbergföretagen B
Mekonomen Automobiles & Parts Mekonomen
Melker Schörling Financial Services Melker Schörling
Midway Financial Services Midway B
Modern Times Group Media Modern Times Group B
Modern Times Group A
MSC Group Technology Hardware & Equipment MSC Group B
Mycronic General Industrials Mycronic
NAXS Financial Services NAXS
NCC Construction & Materials NCC A
Nederman Holding Construction & Materials Nederman Holding
NetEnt Travel & Leisure NetEnt B
NGS Group Financial Services NGS Group
NIBE Industrier Construction & Materials NIBE Industrier B
Nobina General Industrials Nobina
Nolato General Industrials Nolato B
Nordea Bank Banks Nordea Bank
NOTE General Industrials NOTE
NOVOTEK Technology Hardware & Equipment NOVOTEK B
NP3 Fastigheter Real Estate NP3 Fastigheter
Odd Molly International Household Goods Odd Molly International
OEM International General Industrials OEM International B
Öresund Financial Services Öresund
Oscar Properties Holding PREFB Real Estate Oscar Properties Holding PREFB
Pandox Real Estate Pandox B
Peab Construction & Materials Peab B
Platzer Fastigheter Holding Real Estate Platzer Fastigheter Holding B
Poolia General Industrials Poolia B
Proact IT Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Proact IT Group
Ratos Financial Services Ratos A
Ratos B
RaySearch Laboratories Health Care Equipment & Services RaySearch Laboratories B
Rejlers General Industrials Rejlers
Rezidor Hotel Group Travel & Leisure Rezidor Hotel Group
SAAB General Industrials SAAB B
Sagax Real Estate Sagax A
Sagax B
Sagax pref Real Estate Sagax pref
Sandvik General Industrials Sandvik
SAS PREF Travel & Leisure SAS PREF
SCA Household Goods SCA B
Scandi Standard Food Producers Scandi Standard
Securitas General Industrials Securitas B
Semafo General Industrials Semafo
Semcon General Industrials Semcon
Sensys Gatso Group General Industrials Sensys Gatso Group
Skanska Construction & Materials Skanska B
SKF General Industrials SKF A
SkiStar Travel & Leisure SkiStar B
Softronic Technology Hardware & Equipment Softronic B
SSAB General Industrials SSAB A
Stora Enso General Industrials Stora Enso A
Svedbergs Construction & Materials Svedbergs B
Sv. Handelsbanken Banks Sv. Handelsbanken A
Sv. Handelsbanken B
SWECO Construction & Materials SWECO B
Swedish Match Household Goods Swedish Match
Systemair Construction & Materials Systemair
Tele2 Telecomms Tele2 A
Tele2 B
Tethys Oil Oil & Gas Producers Tethys Oil
Thule Group Household Goods Thule Group
Tieto Oyj Technology Hardware & Equipment Tieto Oyj
Traction Financial Services Traction B
Transcom WorldWide General Industrials Transcom WorldWide
Trelleborg General Industrials Trelleborg B
Trigon Agri Food Producers Trigon Agri
Troax Group Construction & Materials Troax Group
Unibet Group Travel & Leisure Unibet Group
Uniflex General Industrials Uniflex B
VBG GROUP Automobiles & Parts VBG GROUP B
Venue Retail Group Retailers Venue Retail Group B
Victoria Park Real Estate Victoria Park A
Viking Supply Ships General Industrials Viking Supply Ships B
Vitec Software Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Vitec Software Group B
Vitrolife Health Care Equipment & Services Vitrolife
Volati Pref General Industrials Volati Pref
Volvo B Automobiles & Parts Volvo B
Wallenstam Real Estate Wallenstam B
Wihlborgs Fastigheter Real Estate Wihlborgs Fastigheter
XANO Industri General Industrials XANO Industri B