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Sweden Exchanges

The table below details the stock exchanges in Sweden

Exchange Listings
Stockholm Stock Exchange 48

The companies headquartered in Sweden are listed here:

Company Sector Listings
AAK AB Food Producers AAK AB
ABB Ltd General Industrials
Acando AB Technology Hardware & Equipment Acando AB - Class B Shares
Addtech AB General Industrials Addtech AB - Class B Shares
Alfa Laval AB General Industrials Alfa Laval AB
AllTele Telecomms AllTele A
Assa Abloy AB Construction & Materials Assa Abloy AB - Class B Shares
Atlas Copco AB Industrial Engineering Atlas Copco class B
Atlas Copco AB - Class A Shares
Atrium Ljungberg Real Estate Atrium Ljungberg B
Attendo Health Care Equipment & Services Attendo
Autoliv Inc. Automobiles & Parts Autoliv Inc.
Avanza Bank Holding Financial Services Avanza Bank Holding
Avega Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Avega Group B
Axis Technology Hardware & Equipment Axis
B&B TOOLS General Industrials B&B TOOLS B
BE Group General Industrials BE Group
Beijer Alma General Industrials Beijer Alma B
Beijer Electronics General Industrials Beijer Electronics
Beijer Ref General Industrials Beijer Ref B
Bergs Timber General Industrials Bergs Timber B
Betsson Travel & Leisure Betsson B
Bilia Retailers Bilia A
BioGaia Health Care Equipment & Services BioGaia B
Biotage Health Care Equipment & Services Biotage
Björn Borg Household Goods Björn Borg
Boliden AB General Industrials Boliden AB
BTS Group General Industrials BTS Group B
Bulten Automobiles & Parts Bulten
Bure Equity Financial Services Bure Equity
Castellum AB Real Estate Castellum AB
Catena Real Estate Catena
Cavotec General Industrials Cavotec
CellaVision Health Care Equipment & Services CellaVision
Clas Ohlson Retailers Clas Ohlson B
Cloetta AB Food Producers Cloetta AB - Class B Shares
Com Hem Holding Telecomms Com Hem Holding
Concordia Maritime General Industrials Concordia Maritime B
Consilium General Industrials Consilium B
Coor Service Management Hold. General Industrials Coor Service Management Hold.
Corem Property Group Pref Real Estate Corem Property Group Pref
CTT Systems General Industrials CTT Systems
Dedicare Health Care Equipment & Services Dedicare B
Diös Fastigheter Real Estate Diös Fastigheter
Dometic Group AB (PUBL) Travel & Leisure Dometic Group AB (PUBL)
DORO Technology Hardware & Equipment DORO
Dustin Group Retailers Dustin Group
Elanders Media Elanders B
Electra Gruppen Retailers Electra Gruppen
Electrolux AB Household Goods Electrolux AB - Class A Shares
Electrolux AB - Class B Shares
Elekta AB Health Care Equipment & Services Elekta AB - Class B Shares
Eniro pref Media Eniro pref
Eolus Vind Oil & Gas Producers Eolus Vind B
Epiroc AB Mining Epiroc AB - Class A Shares
Essity Aktiebolag (publ) Health Care Equipment & Services Essity Aktiebolag (publ) - Class B Shares
eWork Group General Industrials eWork Group
Fabege Real Estate Fabege
Fabege AB. Property Fabege AB.
Fast. Balder Real Estate Fast. Balder B
Fast. Balder pref Real Estate Fast. Balder pref
Fastighets AB Balder Unknown
Fast Partner Real Estate Fast Partner
Fast Partner Pref Real Estate Fastighets AB Balder Pref
Feelgood Svenska Health Care Equipment & Services Feelgood Svenska
FormPipe Software Technology Hardware & Equipment FormPipe Software
Getinge AB Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Getinge AB - Class B Shares
GHP Specialty Care Health Care Equipment & Services GHP Specialty Care
Gränges Automobiles & Parts Gränges
Haldex Automobiles & Parts Haldex
Havsfrun Investment Financial Services Havsfrun Investment B
HEBA Real Estate HEBA B
Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref Real Estate Hemfosa Fastigheter Pref
Hennes & Mauritz AB Retailers Hennes & Mauritz
Hennes & Mauritz AB - Class B Shares
Hexagon AB Technology Hardware & Equipment Hexagon AB - Class B Shares
Hexatronic Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Hexatronic Group
Hexpol AB Chemicals Hexpol AB - Class B Shares
Hexpol AB Unknown
HMS Networks Technology Hardware & Equipment HMS Networks
Hoist Finance Financial Services Hoist Finance
Holmen General Industrials Holmen A
Hufvudstaden Real Estate Hufvudstaden A
Husqvarna AB Unknown
Husqvarna AB Household Goods Husqvarna AB - Class B Shares
ICA Gruppen AB Retailers ICA Gruppen AB
Industrivarden, AB Unknown
Industrivarden, AB Financial Services Industrivarden, AB - Class A Shares
Industrivärden C Financial Services Industrivärden C
Indutrade General Industrials Indutrade
Intrum Justitia Financial Services Intrum Justitia
Investor AB Financial Services Investor AB - Class B Shares
Investor A
ITAB Shop Concept General Industrials ITAB Shop Concept B
JM Real Estate JM
KABE Household Goods KABE B
KappAhl Retailers KappAhl
Kindred Group plc Travel & Leisure Kindred Group plc - SDR
Kinnevik AB Financial Services Kinnevik AB - Class B Shares
Kinnevik A
Klövern Real Estate Klövern B
Knowit Technology Hardware & Equipment Knowit
Kungsleden Real Estate Kungsleden
Lagercrantz Group General Industrials Lagercrantz Group B
Lammhults Design Group Household Goods Lammhults Design Group B
L E Lundbergfoeretagen AB Financial Services L E Lundbergfoeretagen AB - Class B Shares
L E Lundbergfoeretagen AB Unknown
Lifco General Industrials Lifco B
Lindab International Construction & Materials Lindab International
Loomis AB General Industrials Loomis AB - Class B Shares
Loomis AB Unknown
Lucara Diamond Corp General Industrials Lucara Diamond Corp
Lundin Energy AB Oil & Gas Producers Lundin Energy AB - Class A Shares
Mekonomen Automobiles & Parts Mekonomen
Melker Schörling Financial Services Melker Schörling
Midway Financial Services Midway B
Modern Times Group Media Modern Times Group A
Modern Times Group B
MSC Group Technology Hardware & Equipment MSC Group B
Mycronic General Industrials Mycronic
NAXS Financial Services NAXS
NCC Construction & Materials NCC B
Nederman Holding Construction & Materials Nederman Holding
NetEnt Travel & Leisure NetEnt B
NGS Group Financial Services NGS Group
Nibe Industrier AB Construction & Materials Nibe Industrier AB - Class B Shares
Nobina General Industrials Nobina
Nolato General Industrials Nolato B
Nordea Bank Banks Nordea Bank
NOTE General Industrials NOTE
NOVOTEK Technology Hardware & Equipment NOVOTEK B
NP3 Fastigheter Real Estate NP3 Fastigheter
Odd Molly International Household Goods Odd Molly International
OEM International General Industrials OEM International B
Öresund Financial Services Öresund
Oscar Properties Holding PREFB Real Estate Oscar Properties Holding PREFB
Pandox Real Estate Pandox B
Peab Construction & Materials Peab B
Platzer Fastigheter Holding Real Estate Platzer Fastigheter Holding B
Poolia General Industrials Poolia B
Proact IT Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Proact IT Group
Ratos Financial Services Ratos A
Ratos B
RaySearch Laboratories Health Care Equipment & Services RaySearch Laboratories B
Rejlers General Industrials Rejlers
Rezidor Hotel Group Travel & Leisure Rezidor Hotel Group
SAAB AB General Industrials SAAB AB - Class B Shares
SAAB AB Unknown
Sagax Real Estate Sagax B
Sagax A
Sagax pref Real Estate Sagax pref
Sandvik AB General Industrials Sandvik AB
SAS PREF Travel & Leisure SAS PREF
Scandi Standard Food Producers Scandi Standard
Securitas AB General Industrials Securitas AB - Class B Shares
Semafo General Industrials Semafo
Semcon General Industrials Semcon
Sensys Gatso Group General Industrials Sensys Gatso Group
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Banks Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken - Class A Shares
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Unknown
Skanska AB Construction & Materials Skanska AB - Class B Shares
SKF AB General Industrials SKF AB - Class B Shares
SkiStar Travel & Leisure SkiStar B
Softronic Technology Hardware & Equipment Softronic B
SSAB General Industrials SSAB A
Stora Enso General Industrials Stora Enso A
Svedbergs Construction & Materials Svedbergs B
Svenska Cellulosa AB Household Goods Svenska Cellulosa AB - Class B Shares
Svenska Cellulosa AB Unknown
Svenska Handelsbanken Banks Svenska Handelsbanken - Class A Shares
Sv. Handelsbanken B
SWECO Construction & Materials SWECO A
Swedbank AB Banks Swedbank AB - Class A Shares
Swedish Match Household Goods Swedish Match
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB
Systemair Construction & Materials Systemair
Tele2 AB Telecomms Tele2 AB - Class B Shares
Tele2 A
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson Telecomms Ericsson, Telefonab. L M Class B
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson - Class B Shares
Telia Company AB Support Services Telia Company AB
Tethys Oil Oil & Gas Producers Tethys Oil
Thule Group Household Goods Thule Group
TietoEVRY Corporation Technology Hardware & Equipment TietoEVRY Corporation
Traction Financial Services Traction B
Transcom WorldWide General Industrials Transcom WorldWide
Trellelborg AB Unknown
Trellelborg AB General Industrials Trellelborg AB - Class B Shares
Trigon Agri Food Producers Trigon Agri
Troax Group Construction & Materials Troax Group
Uniflex General Industrials Uniflex B
VBG GROUP Automobiles & Parts VBG GROUP B
Venue Retail Group Retailers Venue Retail Group B
Victoria Park Real Estate Victoria Park A
Viking Supply Ships General Industrials Viking Supply Ships B
Vitec Software Group Technology Hardware & Equipment Vitec Software Group B
Vitrolife Health Care Equipment & Services Vitrolife
Volati Pref General Industrials Volati Pref
Volvo AB Automobiles & Parts Volvo AB - Class B Shares
Wallenstam Real Estate Wallenstam B
Wihlborgs Fastigheter Real Estate Wihlborgs Fastigheter
XANO Industri General Industrials XANO Industri B