Forecasting dividends to accelerate returns
Today's top yield: 13.9% Updates daily

How will you choose your next share purchase?

  1. Ask a friend for tips?
  2. Google "cheap shares"?
  3. Use a fund manager who charges you even if he loses money
  4. Just keep it in the bank because, even though the rate is terrible, banks can be trusted?

Money in the bank is being eroded daily since inflation is running higher than interest rates.

The best way to beat inflation is a mixture of good dividend-paying shares. But unless you're checking the whole market, you'll miss some great yields.

Finding the projected dividend yield of every share in the market would take months. That's why we developed the DividendMax tools. All the hard work's been done for you and presented with simple tools to identify the best yields, whatever your risk appetite or investment timeframe.

The only sure path to inflation-beating investment is mixture of good dividend paying stocks

3 core tools to assist your investment decisions:


Forecasting maximum dividend yields

Use OptimizerMax to help you select top yielding dividend stocks on the basis of payout and timing.

No comparable product exists which calculates high yields by computing projected dividend payments and ex-dividend dates across a large number of UK shares to identify the best return.

OptimizerMax uses a filter which allows members to identify companies matching their criteria, such as:

  1. Company size (based on Market Capitalization)
  2. Dividend Cover
  3. Consecutive annual dividend increases
  4. Forecast dividend increase
  5. Upcoming Ex-Dividend date

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Upcoming dividend payment calendar

CountdownMax provides an accurate, up-to-date calendar of the forthcoming dividend payments over the next 13 weeks.

This includes a straightforward rate of return based upon the particular payout and the prevailing share price.

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Tracking dividend income

Use the calendar in GeneratorMax to identify when companies are paying their dividends throughout the year; and the portfolio builder to forecast monthly income from shares you hold.

GeneratorMax assists in the selection of high-quality shares, providing predictable monthly income and oversight of your portfolio's current capital position.

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All of the calculations of future dividends are based upon the average analysts forecasts. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of future dividend payments or indeed the timings of those payments.

We also do not attempt to predict special dividends that companies pay from time to time.