DividendMax - Our Story

We started DividendMax in 2011 with a single goal: to provide private investors with dividend forecast data.

Our view was and remains that retail investors can be at a disadvantage to the larger institutions whose access to data, technology and other tools provides them with an unfair edge.

DividendMax has always sought to level the playing field and with close to ten years of operations the team and I are thrilled to have done our bit to rebalance this.

Our dividend estimate data is now referenced by thousands of investors every month who use our data with three main use-cases:

  1. Discovering stocks and exploring potential dividend returns – see our Optimizer tool
  2. Keeping abreast of upcoming dividends (both declared and forecast) – see our Countdown tool
  3. Planning their portfolio income month by month – see our Generator tool

We now send out free dividend declaration emails to tens of thousands of users every month – and our weekly Friday morning digest email is opened by over 80% of recipients every week!

Our three analytics tools are underpinned by accurate, timely dividend forecast data provided by our sister tech company Woodseer Global (which we setup in 2016), and this has helped us to increase the equity universe we cover and to update our forecasts faster.

This is all wrapped up in a single, easy-to-access package with what we believe is a very cost-effective, great value subscription (with monthly or annual payment options ).

We sincerely hope you find DividendMax valuable. We are confident our current users already do and we have a no-strings-attached one month free trial available for everyone who wishes to explore.

Many thanks and happy investing,

Mark Riding

Mark Riding, Founder
September 2020