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Forward Looking Dividend Data

Future yields are what matter, the past is history

Investing should be based on the dividends a company will pay in the future.

Our remarkably accurate dividend projections are the foundation of everything we do.

Find Great Yields

Our tools make it easy to discover great buying opportunities

Smart stock selection means buying shares which will pay a good dividend at a low price.

There’s potentially thousands of shares to buy, we short-list the best yields to make selection easier.

Assess The Quality

Check the data to make an informed decision

Use the filter to select only companies with a solid track record of dividends and plenty of cash to pay their dividends.

Or opt for higher yields with greater forecast dividend growth.

Grow Your Investments

Use dividends to compound returns

Find quality dividend-paying companies which continue to grow, then re-invest the dividends to accelerate your return.

Stay Informed

One weekly email summarising your performance + the week ahead.

Our view of the market is distilled into a brief weekly digest in the Friday morning email.

Plus a daily comment and regular in-depth research articles if you want to dig a little deeper.

Plan Your Income

See all your dividend payments 2 years ahead

GeneratorMax tracks the performance of your portfolios and projects your investment income over the next 2 years.

Benefit From Our Analysts’ Experience

Combined industry knowledge of several decades

Empowering home investors with the professional tools and institutional knowledge to earn great returns.

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