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DividendMax Projection Accuracy

% Variance

31.4% of our dividend predictions are exactly right, and 71.2% are very close or correct.

Variance Predictions
Exactly Right 31.4
0-10% 39.8
10-20% 10.3
20-30% 5.2
30-40% 3.0
40-50% 1.8
50-60% 1.2
60-70% 1.6
70-80% 0.9
80-90% 0.6
90-100% 0.8
More than 100% 3.0
Dividend Cut 0.4

This graph illustrates the majority of our predictions are correct or very close.

The left-most bar is the percentage we get exactly right and the second bar shows how many are within 10% variance of the actual amount.

If we estimate a dividend of £1.00 and it is then declared as £1.05, then we’re out by 5%.

DividendMax has been predicting dividends since 2011 and we’re proud of our track record.

How are we so accurate?

Our recipe is simple to explain and difficult to replicate.

Each analyst –

  1. Has many years working in the finance industry
  2. Conducts lots of research
  3. Focuses on a specific region
  4. Has experience predicting dividends for over 5 years
  5. Draws from a wide range of information source
  6. Now has accumulated years of learning and hard work

We research individual stocks, reading company reports and reviewing the history of dividends before making prediction.

Key Facts

71 years
Figures current as at 30 September 2020 08:27

How do we make our predictions?

Our estimates are based on:

  1. Each company’s stated dividend policy
  2. Market announcements
  3. Patterns in payment history
  4. Trading environment (geopolitical influences)
  5. Our analysts expertise in various industries and regions
  6. Changes to issued share capital
  7. Market analyst’s sentiment

What do we predict?

We estimate dividends up to two years ahead, predicting the timing and amount of each individual dividend.
This means predicting:

for our global database of over 1,250 stocks.

As the dividend’s declaration date approaches we may revise each estimate to factor in changes in market sentiment, news and announcements.

Why is this important?

By collecting a huge database of future dividends we can better identify good yielding stocks and therefore good investment opportunities.

Additionally we have built three tools on top of all this information which helps our customers grow their investment portfolios and predict their income.

If you would like to see the tools in action why not try it out for free now:

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