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DividendMax - Dividend Countdown, Dividend Optimizer and Dividend Income Generator tools

Tools for astute investors to find income in a low-interest rate age


Company yield ranking tool

Choose your desired income profile to find the best forward yielding companies in the UK, Europe and US; including the right time to buy and sell to achieve higher returns.


Upcoming dividend payment calendar

No other company provides such an accurate, up-to-date list of the forthcoming dividend payments over the next 13 weeks.


Planning and tracking dividend income

Forecast monthly dividend income from your share portfolio, providing predictable monthly income and your portfolio’s current capital position.

Dividend Notifications

Get informed as soon as your dividends are declared

Select the shares you own and we’ll email you whenever they declare a dividend. We’ll calculate when and how much you will be paid.

Accurate and comprehensive data

Painstaking collection and validation like no other service

All our dividend information is manually researched by our team and kept up-to-date daily to ensure you can trust the yields are correct.

Greater coverage

More markets, more share detail and further dividend projections

No other consumer service matches our breadth and depth. DividendMax is the only service projecting analysts forecasts over 2 years in the future.

Expert opinion

The comprehensive combined knowledge of the Dividend Max team

With premium articles, daily comments, weekly digests and more to keep you informed with insightful tips and analysis.

Our portfolios

See our active trading and annual model portfolios

With a superb track record, you can see our picks and analysis for the year and follow the day-to-day actvity of the trading portfolio.


5 stars
  • Hi, I love the website and the concept!
  • Great article Mark! Goes to show we do read what you send us in detail. I have made several portfolio share choices based on your reports. Have a great weekend and thanks for DividendMax.
  • I have been using DividendMax for around 13 months now. The site is easy to navigate and it's easy to see how the portfolio is doing. I use site info as part of the decision-making process when buying shares for both my personal portfolio & for my business. It's a great site.
  • Just started a trial of your product. Nice concept!
  • Hi, nice service! I will be using it!
  • Thank you. Your site is getting better and better!
  • Thank you for your talk to Sigops last week. The email is still alive with comments between those who attended.
  • I have found your DividendMax is a great help in shortlisting shares in my & my wife's ISA, my selections are aimed at long term buy & hold for income, keep up the good work.
  • Well, what can I say? This is the best customer service I have received in some time.
  • In my 15 years share trading experience, Dividend Max is truly something new and different. It combines an excellent database from which to select my own trades with 2 sample portfolios.
    We are looking for reliable sources of income in this era of abnormally low interest rates - DividendMax provides both income and growth ideas. I rate this site highly.
  • DivendendMax is the greatest without any doubt whatsoever. So professionally run and such a beautifully designed Website
    So much information available. Use it all the time. So lucky to have found it. Thank you.
  • This product is quite brilliant.
  • Like the site very much Cheers Jeff
  • Overall this is a great service – keep up the good work.