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Instantly find the best yield of 1951 (and growing) companies

Use OptimizerMax to help you select top yielding dividend stocks on the basis of payout and timing.

No comparable product exists which calculates high yields by computing projected dividend payments and ex-dividend dates across a large number of UK shares to identify the best return.

Use OptimizerMax now

Filter companies based on:

  1. Company size (market capitalization)
  2. Ability to pay dividend (dividend cover)
  3. History of dividend payments (consecutive annual dividend increases)
  4. Expectation to improve dividend (forecast dividend increase)
  5. Investment duration (6 months — 2 years)


Future dividend payment calendar 3 months ahead

CountdownMax provides an accurate, up-to-date calendar of the forthcoming dividend payments over the next 13 weeks.

This includes a straightforward rate of return based upon the particular payout and the prevailing share price.

Use CountdownMax now

  • Dividend declarations & estimates
  • Individual dividend yield
  • Global coverage
  • Filter by:
    • sector
    • index
    • country
  • Projections 90 days ahead


Plan income from your holdings 2 years ahead

Use the calendar in GeneratorMax to identify when companies are paying their dividends throughout the year; and the portfolio builder to forecast monthly income from shares you hold.

GeneratorMax assists in the selection of high-quality shares, providing predictable monthly income and oversight of your portfolio’s current capital position.

Use GeneratorMax now

  • Track the performance of all your portfolios
  • Plan monthly and annual income 2 years into the future
  • Dividend payment transactions credited automatically
  • Add shares to watch list
  • Dividend payment notifications
  • Multi-currency portfolios

Dividend Notifications

Let us notify you when dividends are declared

Our free dividend notifications will keep you updated on dividend declarations for any of the companies we cover.

Receive an email with your payment amount and date for upcoming dividends.

Choose your stocks now

  • Receive an email any time one of your shares declares a dividend
  • Add shares to your notification list
  • Choose from our list of popular companies
  • Search by name or ticker
  • No login required, just provide your email address

Our Portfolios

Follow our Trading and Model portfolios

Our hedge fund-level performance of the Trading Portfolio is available for you to mirror our trades.

Or “set and forget” using our more conservative annual Model Portfolio, published each January.

Trading Portfolio up 252% since September 2011

  • Portfolio trading notifications
  • Full history of model portfolios back to 2012
  • Sector-by-sector analysis
  • Individual company analysis
  • Revised 2 — 4 times per year

There is no guarantee of the accuracy of future dividend amounts or dates. Best estimates are provided.
We also do not attempt to predict special dividends that companies pay from time to time.
Please see details about our accuracy here