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DividendMax offers 4 essential tools for private home investors.


Dividend Notifications

Be informed as soon as dividends are declared.

Our free email notification service alerts you when companies declare and pay their dividends.

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Track the securities you care about

Receive an email when a company declares their dividends

Add and remove tracked companies to keep up to date

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A calendar for upcoming dividend payments

Countdown provides a calendar of upcoming dividend payments for the next 13 weeks. Track important dates to stay current on opportunities.

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Dividend declarations and estimates

Individual dividend yields

Filter by sector, index and country

Projections 90 days ahead



Planning and tracking dividend income

Easily track your portfolio with Generator to forecast monthly income from the shares you hold. Be confident in choosing high-quality shares that result in a predictable monthly income.

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Track multiple portfolios at once

Plan portfolio income 2 years into the future

All dividend payments tracked and credited automatically

All currencies auto-converted to a common currency



Company yield ranking tool

Discover top yielding dividend stocks with Optimizer. Our unique product targets high potential opportunities by computing projected dividend payments and ex-dividend dates. Optimizer highlights the quality investments you want to follow.

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Quickly identify the highest-yielding stocks

Filter by market cap, dividend cover, performance, duration

Completely unique product, unavailable elsewhere

Invest with confidence with timely, AI-driven insights