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Dividend Summary

The previous Intu Properties Plc dividend was 4.6p and it went ex over 5 years ago and it was paid over 5 years ago.
There are typically 2 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 7.4.

Latest Dividends
Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Status Paid
Type Interim
Per share 4.6p
Declaration date 26 Jul 2018 (Thu)
Ex-div date 18 Oct 2018 (Thu)
Pay date 20 Nov 2018 (Tue)

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The table below shows the full dividend history for Intu Properties Plc
Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Paid Interim 26 Jul 2018 18 Oct 2018 20 Nov 2018 GBP 4.6p 4.6p 😄
Paid Final 22 Feb 2018 19 Apr 2018 17 May 2018 GBP 9.7p 9.4p 😃
Paid Interim 27 Jul 2017 19 Oct 2017 21 Nov 2017 GBP 4.7p 4.6p 😃
Paid Final 23 Feb 2017 20 Apr 2017 25 May 2017 GBP 9.4p
Paid Interim 28 Jul 2016 20 Oct 2016 22 Nov 2016 GBP 4.7p 4.6p 😃
Paid Final 26 Feb 2016 14 Apr 2016 26 May 2016 GBP 9.1p
Paid Interim 30 Jul 2015 22 Oct 2015 24 Nov 2015 GBP 4.6p
Paid Final 27 Feb 2015 16 Apr 2015 28 May 2015 GBP 9.1p
Paid Interim 31 Jul 2014 23 Oct 2014 25 Nov 2014 GBP 4.6p
Paid Final 28 Feb 2014 15 Apr 2014 20 May 2014 GBP 10.25p
Paid Interim 01 Aug 2013 16 Oct 2013 19 Nov 2013 GBP 5p
Paid Final 27 Feb 2013 24 Apr 2013 04 Jun 2013 GBP 10p
Paid Interim 26 Jul 2012 18 Oct 2012 20 Nov 2012 GBP 5p
Paid Interim 12 Oct 2011 22 Nov 2011 GBP 5p
Paid Final 01 Jun 2011 21 Jun 2011 GBP 10p
Paid Interim 06 Oct 2010 03 Nov 2010 GBP 5p
Paid Final 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009 GBP 16.5p
Paid Final 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2008 GBP 16.5p
Paid Final 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2007 GBP 34.1p
Paid Final 31 Dec 2006 31 Dec 2006 GBP 31p
Year Amount Change
2006 31.0p
2007 34.1p
2008 16.5p
2009 16.5p
2010 15.0p
2011 5.0p
2012 15.0p
2013 15.25p
2014 13.7p
2015 13.7p
2016 14.0p
2017 14.0p

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About Intu Properties Plc

Capital Shopping Centres Group is the new name for Liberty International. Both have been replaced by Intu properties Plc.

The real estate giant demerged its central London focussed investment and development division, Capital & Counties Properties, to focus on the shopping centre business.

Liberty was founded by South African Donald Gordon, who claims he bought the concept of shopping centres to the UK.

The company now has a portfolio of top quality retail properties that include Lakeside and MetroCentre.

Real Estate Investment Trusts
United Kingdom
Share Price
£0.02 (closing price on 14 Nov 2021)
Shares in Issue
859 million
Market Cap
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Market Indices
CBOE 350, CBOE 100
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DividendMax Limited
DividendMax Limited
The Directors of Intu Properties plc have announced an interim dividend per ordinary share (ISIN GB0006834344) of 4.6 pence (2014 - 4.6 pence) payable on 24 November 2015 (see salient dates below).  A scrip dividend alternative will continue to be offered. The dividend may be partly paid as a Property Income Distribution ("PID") and partly paid as a non-PID.  The PID element will be subject to deduction of a 20 per cent withholding tax unless exemptions apply (please refer to the PID special note below).  Any non-PID element will be treated as an ordinary UK company dividend.  For South African shareholders, any non-PID cash dividends may be subject to deduction of South African Dividends Tax at 15 per cent. Shareholders will be advised of the PID/non-PID split no later than Friday 2 October 2015.   Dates The following are the salient dates for the payment of the interim dividend: Thursday, 8 October 2015 Sterling/Rand exchange rate struck. Friday, 9 October 2015 Sterling/Rand exchange rate and dividend amount in SA currency announced. Monday, 19 October 2015 Ordinary shares listed ex-dividend on the JSE, Johannesburg Thursday, 22 October 2015 Ordinary shares listed ex-dividend on the London Stock Exchange. Friday, 23 October 2015 Record date for interim dividend in London and Johannesburg. Friday, 30 October 2015 UK shareholders only: Last date for receipt of Tax Exemption Declaration forms to permit dividends to be paid gross. Tuesday, 24 November 2015 Dividend payment day for shareholders South African shareholders should note that, in accordance with the requirements of Strate, the last day to trade cum-dividend will be Friday, 16 October 2015 and that no dematerialisation or rematerialisation of shares will be possible from Monday, 19 October to Friday, 23 October 2015 inclusive.  No transfers between the UK and South African registers may take place from Wednesday, 7 October to Sunday, 25 October 2015 inclusive.
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