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Warner Chilcott Plc

Warner Chilcott Plc (WCRX) Dividends

Dividend Summary:

The previous Warner Chilcott Plc dividend was 25c and it went ex over 7 years ago and it was paid over 7 years ago.
There are typically 2 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 7.0.
United States
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
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Status: Paid
Type: Final
Per Share: 25c
Ex-div Date: Wed 29 May 2013
Pay Date: Fri 14 Jun 2013
Your Holding: 100 shares 100 shares
Your Payment: $25.00

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Declared and Forecast Warner Chilcott Plc Dividends

Ex-Div Date Pay Date Type Amount Currency Status
31 Dec 2006 31 Dec 2006 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2007 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2008 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009 Final 0c USD Paid
30 Aug 2010 08 Sep 2010 Special 850c USD Paid
31 Aug 2012 10 Sep 2012 Special 400c USD Paid
30 Nov 2012 14 Dec 2012 Interim 25c USD Paid
29 May 2013 14 Jun 2013 Final 25c USD Paid

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About Warner Chilcott Plc

October 1, 2013: Actavis (NYSE: ACT) announced the acquisition of Warner Chilcott plc

Warner Chilcott is a global specialty pharmaceutical company currently focused on the gastroenterology, women's healthcare, dermatology and urology segments of the U.S. and Western European pharmaceuticals markets. Since being spun out of Warner-Lambert in 1996, Warner Chilcott has evolved, through a series of acquisitions and divestitures, from a small seller of undifferentiated products to a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with a broad portfolio of leading branded products. The acquisition of The Procter & Gamble Company's global branded pharmaceuticals business on October 30, 2009 transformed Warner Chilcott into a global pharmaceuticals company with significant scale and geographic reach. Today, Warner Chilcott has an expanded sales force and infrastructure to better promote products in the U.S., major Western European and other markets, increased diversity of revenue sources, enhanced product development capabilities and a deeper product development pipeline.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Warner Chilcott has employees in 12 countries in North America and Western Europe. The Company's manufacturing facilities are located in Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland and Germany. Warner Chilcott is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and trades under the symbol WCRX.

Warner Chilcott paid their First Semi-Annual Cash Dividend December 14, 2012


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c 0%
2008 0.0c 0%
2009 0.0c 0%
2010 0.0c 0%
2011 0.0c 0%
2012 0.0c 0%
2013 50.0c 100%


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
30 Aug 2010 08 Sep 2010 2011 Special Irregularly Paid 850c
31 Aug 2012 10 Sep 2012 2013 Special Irregularly Paid 400c
30 Nov 2012 14 Dec 2012 2013 Interim Semiannually Paid 25c
29 May 2013 14 Jun 2013 2013 Final Semiannually Paid 25c

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