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Dividend Summary

The previous Western Digital Corp. dividend was 50c and it went ex over 1 year ago and it was paid over 1 year ago.
There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 2.4.

Latest Dividends
Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Status Paid
Type Quarterly
Per share 50c
Declaration date 13 Feb 2020 (Thu)
Ex-div date 02 Apr 2020 (Thu)
Pay date 17 Apr 2020 (Fri)

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Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Paid Quarterly 13 Feb 2020 02 Apr 2020 17 Apr 2020 USD 50c 50c 😄
Paid Quarterly 14 Nov 2019 02 Jan 2020 21 Jan 2020 USD 50c 50c 😄
Paid Quarterly 07 Aug 2019 03 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019 USD 50c 50c 😄
Paid Quarterly 02 May 2019 27 Jun 2019 15 Jul 2019 USD 50c 50c 😄
Paid Quarterly 14 Feb 2019 28 Mar 2019 15 Apr 2019 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 07 Nov 2018 27 Dec 2018 14 Jan 2019 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 01 Aug 2018 27 Sep 2018 15 Oct 2018 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 02 May 2018 28 Jun 2018 16 Jul 2018 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 27 Jan 2018 28 Mar 2018 16 Apr 2018 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 02 Nov 2017 28 Dec 2017 16 Jan 2018 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 Aug 2017 28 Sep 2017 16 Oct 2017 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 May 2017 28 Jun 2017 17 Jul 2017 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 01 Feb 2017 29 Mar 2017 17 Apr 2017 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 Nov 2016 28 Dec 2016 17 Jan 2017 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 Aug 2016 28 Sep 2016 17 Oct 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 May 2016 29 Jun 2016 15 Jul 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 10 Feb 2016 30 Mar 2016 15 Apr 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 Nov 2015 29 Dec 2015 15 Jan 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 04 Aug 2015 30 Sep 2015 15 Oct 2015 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 05 May 2015 30 Jun 2015 15 Jul 2015 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 03 Feb 2015 31 Mar 2015 16 Apr 2015 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 04 Nov 2014 30 Dec 2014 15 Jan 2015 USD 40c
Paid Quarterly 04 Aug 2014 01 Oct 2014 15 Oct 2014 USD 40c
Paid Quarterly 14 May 2014 25 Jun 2014 15 Jul 2014 USD 40c
Paid Quarterly 06 Feb 2014 26 Mar 2014 15 Apr 2014 USD 30c
Paid Quarterly 13 Nov 2013 23 Dec 2013 15 Jan 2014 USD 30c
Paid Quarterly 19 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013 15 Oct 2013 USD 25c
Paid Quarterly 15 May 2013 26 Jun 2013 15 Jul 2013 USD 25c
Paid Quarterly 13 Feb 2013 26 Mar 2013 15 Apr 2013 USD 25c
Paid Quarterly 03 Dec 2012 12 Dec 2012 26 Dec 2012 USD 25c
Paid Quarterly 26 Sep 2012 15 Oct 2012 USD 25c
Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c
2008 0.0c
2009 0.0c
2010 0.0c
2011 0.0c
2012 75.0c
2013 110.0c
2014 170.0c
2015 200.0c
2016 200.0c
2017 200.0c
2018 200.0c
2019 200.0c

Western Digital Corp. Optimized Dividend Chart

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52 Week High
5.4% on 21 September 2020
52 Week Low
0.0% on 15 January 2021
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About Western Digital Corp.

Western Digital Corporation (Western Digital), incorporated on October 26, 2000, is a developer, manufacturer and provider of data storage devices and solutions that address the needs of the information technology (IT) industry and the infrastructure that enables the proliferation of data in virtually every industry. The Company's portfolio of offerings addresses three categories: Datacenter Devices and Solutions (capacity and performance enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs), enterprise solid state drives (SSDs), datacenter software and system solutions); Client Devices (mobile, desktop, gaming and digital video hard drives, client SSDs, embedded products and wafers), and Client Solutions (removable products, hard drive content solutions and flash content solutions). The Company also generates license and royalty revenue related to its intellectual property which is included in each of the three categories.

The Company develops and manufactures a portion of the recording heads and magnetic media used in its hard drive products. It develops and manufactures solid state storage products in different form factors for a range of different markets, including enterprise or cloud storage, client storage, mobile devices and removable memory devices. The Company has relationships with a range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and datacenter customers addressing storage opportunities, including storage subsystem suppliers, server OEMs, Internet and social media infrastructure players, and personal computer (PC) and Mac OEMs. The Company markets its products primarily under the HGST, SanDisk and WD brands, and its products are sold through distribution, retail and direct channels across the world. Its devices and solutions are made using rotating magnetic or non-volatile memory storage technologies (NAND). The Company's operations outside the United States include manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as sales offices throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Datacenter Devices and Solutions

Datacenter devices and solutions consists of high-performance HDDs that are optimized for performance applications providing a range of capacity and performance levels primarily for use in enterprise servers, supporting online transactions, data analysis and other enterprise applications. Its datacenter solutions also include a range of high-capacity HDDs and drive configurations which are primarily for use in data storage systems, in tiered storage models and where data must be stored reliably for years. Its enterprise SSDs include NAND-flash SSDs and software solutions designed to improve the performance in various enterprise workload environments. Its enterprise SSDs encompass all storage interface protocols, including serial attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) (SAS), peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe), and serial advanced technology attachment (SATA). It also provides data storage platforms and systems to the market through its vertically integrated scale-out object storage active archive systems. The Company also offers system solutions, such as the InfiniFlash System, which provides petabyte scalable capacity.

Client Devices

Client devices consist of HDDs and SSDs for desktop PCs, notebook PCs, gaming consoles, set top boxes, security surveillance systems and other computing devices, embedded NAND-flash storage for mobile phones, tablets, notebook PCs and other portable and wearable devices, as well as in automotive and connected home applications, and NAND-flash wafers. Its embedded storage is designed to meet the demand for internal storage for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other portable and wearable devices, as well as in automotive and connected home applications. Its embedded NAND-flash storage products include custom embedded solutions and iNAND embedded flash products, which include its multi-chip package, or MCP, solutions that combine NAND and mobile dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) in an integrated package.

Client Solutions

Client solutions consist of HDDs embedded into WD- and HGST-branded external storage products and SanDisk-branded removable NAND-flash products which include cards, universal serial bus (USB) flash drives and wireless drives. Its external HDD storage products provide storage for backup and capacity expansion in both mobile and desktop form factors that are designed to keep digital content secure while providing portable storage. Its removable cards are designed primarily for use in mobile products, such as smartphones, tablets, imaging systems, action video cameras, security surveillance systems and other consumer applications. Its USB flash drives are used in the computing and consumer markets. Its wireless drive products allow in-field back up of created content, as well as wireless streaming of movies, photos, music and documents to tablets, smartphones and PCs.

The Company competes with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, Seagate Technology LLC, Toshiba Corporation, SK Hynix, Inc., Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc.

Technology Hardware & Equipment
United States
Share Price
$63.75 (yesterday's closing price)
Shares in Issue
293 million
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