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Baidu Inc

Baidu Inc - ADR (BIDU) Dividends

Dividend Summary:

The previous Baidu Inc - ADR dividend was 0c and it went ex almost 11 years ago and it was paid almost 11 years ago.
There have not been any declared dividends recently.
Software & Computer Services
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Status: Paid
Type: Final
Per Share: 0c
Ex-div Date: Thu 31 Dec 2009
Pay Date: Thu 31 Dec 2009
Your Holding: 100 shares 100 shares
Your Payment: $0.00

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Declared and Forecast Baidu Inc - ADR Dividends

Ex-Div Date Pay Date Type Amount Currency Status
31 Dec 2006 31 Dec 2006 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2007 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2008 Final 0c USD Paid
31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009 Final 0c USD Paid

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About Baidu Inc, Inc. is a Chinese-language Internet search provider based in Beijing.

From their web site: "Baidu has never declared or paid any dividends, nor does it have any present plan to pay any cash dividends on its ordinary shares in the foreseeable future. We currently intend to retain most, if not all, of our available funds and any future earnings to operate and expand our business. Baidu’s board of directors has complete discretion over whether to distribute dividends. Even if our board of directors decides to pay dividends, the form, frequency and amount of our dividends will depend upon our future operations and earnings, capital requirements and surplus, financial condition, contractual restrictions and other factors that our board of directors may deem relevant."


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c 0%
2008 0.0c 0%
2009 0.0c 0%


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount

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