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Randgold Resources

Randgold Resources (RRS)

African gold mining and exploration concern, Randgold Resources, listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1997. Among major discoveries to date are the 7.5 million ounce Morila deposit and the 7 million ounce Yalea deposit in Mali, and the 4 million Tongon deposit in Cote d'Ivoire.


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 6.31p
2007 7.66p 21.4%
2008 8.29p 8.2%
2009 10.85p 30.9%
2010 0.0p (100.0%)
2011 37.73p 100%
2012 32.72p (13.3%)
2013 29.62p (9.5%)
2014 39.64p 33.8%
2015 44.97p 13.4%
2016 77.43p 72.2%
2017 147.9837p 91.1%
2018 210.8919p 42.5%


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
09 May 2012 29 May 2012 2011 Final Annually Paid 24.96p
08 May 2013 30 May 2013 2012 Final Annually Paid 32.72p (50c)
12 Mar 2014 30 May 2014 2013 Final Annually Paid 29.62p (50c)
12 Mar 2015 29 May 2015 2014 Final Annually Paid 39.64p (60c)
17 Mar 2016 27 May 2016 2015 Final Annually Paid 44.97p (66c)
16 Mar 2017 26 May 2017 2016 Final Annually Paid 77.43p (100c)
22 Mar 2018 18 May 2018 2017 Final Annually Paid 147.984p (200c)
27 Dec 2018 11 Jan 2019 2018 Final Annually Paid 210.892p (269c)

Recent news articles

Investment Tools Limited

Randgold Resources increased production for the sixth successive year in 2016 while reducing total cash cost per ounce.  With profit of $294.2 million up 38% on the previous year, the board has proposed a 52% increase in the dividend to $1.00 per share.

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Randgold Resources chief executive Mark Bristow today described 2015 as one of the best years in the company's history as it faced down the challenges surrounding the embattled gold mining industry to post performance improvements and advances on every front

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Record gold production up 26% year on year

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Releasing its results for the quarter and year to December today, the company reported production of 910 373 ounces for 2013, up 15% on the previous year, and forecast a continued rise in output over the next five years, with production in 2014 expected to increase by between 25% and 30% on the back of increasing grades at the Loulo-Gounkoto complex, improving recoveries and throughput at Tongon and the recently commissioned Kibali's first full-year contribution.

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Speaking at a presentation on Randgold's quarterly results, chief executive Mark Bristow noted that the company's business model had been designed to deliver returns at lower gold prices, and it had therefore not been forced to write down its reserves as these had been calculated at US$1 000/oz. Randgold had, however, reviewed all its business plans at the beginning of the year and where necessary aligned them to the drop in the gold price.

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Gold production down quarter on quarter but up on corresponding quarter of last year

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This article which appeared in the Saturday edition of the FT on 27th October talks about investors chasing dividends. It is a good read and vindicates our stance that the only reason to invest in equities at the present time is for Dividends.

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