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Allied Minds Plc

Allied Minds Plc (ALM) Dividends

Dividend Summary:

The previous Allied Minds Plc dividend was 12.62p and it went ex 8 months ago and it was paid 8 months ago.
There have not been any declared dividends recently.
United Kingdom
London Stock Exchange
Financial Services
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Status: Paid
Type: Special
Per Share: 12.62p
Ex-div Date: Thu 23 Jan 2020
Pay Date: Fri 14 Feb 2020
Your Holding: 100 shares 100 shares
Your Payment: £12.62

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Declared and Forecast Allied Minds Plc Dividends

Ex-Div Date Pay Date Type Amount Currency Status
23 Jan 2020 14 Feb 2020 Special 12.62p GBP Paid

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About Allied Minds Plc

A private equity and venture capital firm seeking to provide funding to academic breakthroughs and US government research in order to bring commercial products to market. Currently, the firm focuses on pre-seed, seed, start-up and early stage technology and life science investments. Based in Boston, the company raised $150m during its IPO and has a nationwide presence with ca. 160 federal or university labs working with them.


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Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
23 Jan 2020 14 Feb 2020 2020 Special Irregularly Paid 12.62p

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