Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listings

The table below details the members of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which DividendMax tracks

Company Ticker Price Market Cap Indices
Agricultural Bank of China 01288 HK$2.92 HK$89.8bn
AIA Group Limited 01299 HK$65.16 HK$750.5bn
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 09988 HK$85.90 HK$1763.2bn
Anta Sports Products 02020 HK$89.97 HK$254.8bn
Baidu Inc 09888 HK$129.60 HK$294.1bn
Bank of China Ltd. 03988 HK$2.76 HK$230.8bn
BYD Co 01211 HK$248.20 HK$272.5bn
China Coal Energy Company 01898 HK$6.08 HK$25.0bn
China Construction Bank Corp. 00939 HK$4.46 HK$1072.3bn
China Hongqiao Group Limited 01378 HK$7.78 HK$73.7bn
China Mobile Limited 00941 HK$68.05 HK$1393.7bn
China National Building Material Company Limited 03323 HK$4.17 HK$19.0bn
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp 00386 HK$4.42 HK$109.4bn
China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited 00956 HK$2.75 HK$5.1bn
China Telecom Corporation 00728 HK$4.05 HK$56.2bn
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd 00762 HK$5.73 HK$175.3bn
CLP Holdings Ltd. 00002 HK$58.70 HK$148.3bn BBC Global 30
Cnooc Ltd. 00883 HK$13.70 HK$610.5bn
C.P. Pokphand Co. Ltd. 00043 HK$1.14 HK$27.4bn
Dream International 01126 HK$3.98 HK$2.7bn
ESR Group Limited 01821 HK$11.00 HK$48.2bn
Fosun International Ltd. 00656 HK$4.84 HK$39.8bn
FSE Lifestyle Services Limited 00331 HK$5.85 HK$2.6bn
Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. 00175 HK$9.52 HK$95.8bn
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Limited 00468 HK$2.22 HK$3.0bn
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd 00215 HK$1.09 HK$5.3bn
JD.com Inc 09618 HK$120.30 HK$336.0bn
Kinetic Development Group Limited 01277 HK$0.51 HK$4.3bn
Kingboard Holdings Limited 00148 HK$18.98 HK$21.0bn
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing 02314 HK$2.34 HK$10.1bn