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The previous L3Harris Technologies Inc dividend was 116c and it went ex 17 days ago and it was paid 3 days ago.
There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 3.3.

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Type Quarterly Quarterly
Per share 116c Sign Up Required
Declaration date 19 Apr 2024 (Fri) 19 Jul 2024 (Fri)
Ex-div date 04 Jun 2024 (Tue) 03 Sep 2024 (Tue)
Pay date 18 Jun 2024 (Tue) 17 Sep 2024 (Tue)

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Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Forecast Quarterly 14 Jul 2028 29 Aug 2028 12 Sep 2028 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 Apr 2028 30 May 2028 13 Jun 2028 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 25 Feb 2028 03 Mar 2028 24 Mar 2028 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 22 Oct 2027 19 Nov 2027 03 Dec 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 16 Jul 2027 31 Aug 2027 14 Sep 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 19 Apr 2027 01 Jun 2027 15 Jun 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 26 Feb 2027 05 Mar 2027 26 Mar 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 23 Oct 2026 20 Nov 2026 04 Dec 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 Jul 2026 01 Sep 2026 15 Sep 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 20 Apr 2026 02 Jun 2026 16 Jun 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 27 Feb 2026 06 Mar 2026 20 Mar 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 24 Oct 2025 21 Nov 2025 05 Dec 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 18 Jul 2025 02 Sep 2025 16 Sep 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 21 Apr 2025 03 Jun 2025 17 Jun 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 28 Feb 2025 07 Mar 2025 21 Mar 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 25 Oct 2024 22 Nov 2024 06 Dec 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 19 Jul 2024 03 Sep 2024 17 Sep 2024 USD Sign up
Paid Quarterly 19 Apr 2024 04 Jun 2024 18 Jun 2024 USD 116c 116c 😄
Paid Quarterly 23 Feb 2024 07 Mar 2024 22 Mar 2024 USD 116c 116c 😄
Paid Quarterly 20 Oct 2023 16 Nov 2023 01 Dec 2023 USD 114c 114c 😄
Paid Quarterly 21 Jul 2023 01 Sep 2023 19 Sep 2023 USD 114c 114c 😄
Paid Quarterly 21 Apr 2023 01 Jun 2023 16 Jun 2023 USD 114c 114c 😄
Paid Quarterly 24 Feb 2023 09 Mar 2023 24 Mar 2023 USD 123c 114c 😊
Paid Quarterly 21 Oct 2022 17 Nov 2022 02 Dec 2022 USD 112c 112c 😄
Paid Quarterly 22 Jul 2022 01 Sep 2022 16 Sep 2022 USD 112c 112c 😄
Paid Quarterly 22 Apr 2022 02 Jun 2022 17 Jun 2022 USD 112c 112c 😄
Paid Quarterly 25 Feb 2022 10 Mar 2022 25 Mar 2022 USD 122.5c 112c 😊
Paid Quarterly 21 Oct 2021 18 Nov 2021 03 Dec 2021 USD 102c 102c 😄
Paid Quarterly 30 Jul 2021 02 Sep 2021 17 Sep 2021 USD 102c 102c 😄
Paid Quarterly 23 Apr 2021 28 May 2021 15 Jun 2021 USD 102c 102c 😄
Paid Quarterly 26 Feb 2021 11 Mar 2021 26 Mar 2021 USD 96.5c 102c 😊
Paid Quarterly 23 Oct 2020 19 Nov 2020 04 Dec 2020 USD 85c 85c 😄
Paid Quarterly 28 Aug 2020 08 Sep 2020 22 Sep 2020 USD 85c 85c 😄
Paid Quarterly 24 Apr 2020 01 Jun 2020 16 Jun 2020 USD 80c 85c 😊
Paid Quarterly 28 Feb 2020 12 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020 USD 75c 85c 😏
Paid Quarterly 25 Oct 2019 21 Nov 2019 06 Dec 2019 USD 75c 75c 😄
Paid Quarterly 20 Aug 2019 03 Sep 2019 18 Sep 2019 USD 82.5c 75c 😊
Paid Quarterly 26 Apr 2019 16 May 2019 04 Jun 2019 USD 68.5c
Paid Quarterly 22 Feb 2019 07 Mar 2019 22 Mar 2019 USD 68.5c
Paid Quarterly 26 Oct 2018 21 Nov 2018 07 Dec 2018 USD 68.5c
Paid Quarterly 27 Aug 2018 06 Sep 2018 21 Sep 2018 USD 68.5c
Paid Quarterly 27 Apr 2018 31 May 2018 15 Jun 2018 USD 57c
Paid Quarterly 23 Feb 2018 07 Mar 2018 21 Mar 2018 USD 57c
Paid Quarterly 16 Nov 2017 01 Dec 2017 USD 57c
Paid Quarterly 25 Aug 2017 07 Sep 2017 22 Sep 2017 USD 57c
Paid Quarterly 28 Apr 2017 31 May 2017 16 Jun 2017 USD 53c
Paid Quarterly 03 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2017 USD 53c
Paid Quarterly 28 Oct 2016 16 Nov 2016 06 Dec 2016 USD 53c
Paid Quarterly 29 Aug 2016 07 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016 USD 53c
Paid Quarterly 27 May 2016 13 Jun 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 26 Feb 2016 08 Mar 2016 21 Mar 2016 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 23 Oct 2015 17 Nov 2015 04 Dec 2015 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 28 Aug 2015 09 Sep 2015 24 Sep 2015 USD 50c
Paid Quarterly 23 Apr 2015 20 May 2015 12 Jun 2015 USD 47c
Paid Quarterly 27 Feb 2015 06 Mar 2015 23 Mar 2015 USD 47c
Paid Quarterly 24 Oct 2014 18 Nov 2014 05 Dec 2014 USD 47c
Paid Quarterly 23 Aug 2014 05 Sep 2014 23 Sep 2014 USD 47c
Paid Quarterly 24 Apr 2014 28 May 2014 13 Jun 2014 USD 42c
Paid Quarterly 28 Feb 2014 07 Mar 2014 21 Mar 2014 USD 42c
Paid Quarterly 25 Oct 2013 19 Nov 2013 06 Dec 2013 USD 42c
Paid Quarterly 23 Aug 2013 06 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013 USD 42c
Paid Quarterly 26 Apr 2013 29 May 2013 14 Jun 2013 USD 37c
Paid Quarterly 22 Feb 2013 05 Mar 2013 20 Mar 2013 USD 37c
Paid Quarterly 26 Oct 2012 20 Nov 2012 07 Dec 2012 USD 37c
Paid Quarterly 05 Sep 2012 19 Sep 2012 USD 37c
Paid Quarterly 30 May 2012 15 Jun 2012 USD 33c
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2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c
2008 0.0c
2009 0.0c
2010 0.0c
2011 0.0c
2012 107.0c
2013 116.0c
2014 173.0c
2015 191.0c
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About L3Harris Technologies Inc

L3Harris Technologies, Inc., formerly Harris Corporation, incorporated on December 6, 1926, is a technology company that provides products, systems and services that have defense and civil government applications, as well as commercial applications. The Company offers its products and services to government and commercial customer. The Company operates in four segments: Communication Systems, which serves markets in tactical communications and defense, and public safety networks; Space and Intelligence Systems, which provides complete Earth observation, environmental, geospatial, space protection, and intelligence solutions from advanced sensors and payloads, as well as ground processing and information analytics; Electronic Systems, which offers a portfolio of solutions in electronic warfare, avionics, wireless technology, command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) and undersea systems, and Critical Networks, which provides managed services supporting air traffic management, energy and maritime communications, and ground network operation and sustainment, as well as information technology (IT) and engineering services.

Communication Systems

The Company is a global supplier of radio communications, tactical communication networks and embedded high-grade encryption solutions for a diverse portfolio of the United States military and allied international forces and commercial customers. It designs, develops and manufactures a line of radio communications products and systems, with capabilities to operate across various radio frequency bands and using a range of waveforms. Its radio systems are interoperable and capable of supporting diverse mission requirements. Its product capabilities include transmission of voice, high-speed data and full-motion video, including streaming video to the tactical edge of the battlefield. Supporting virtually all military domains, its products include handheld, manpack and vehicular, fixed-site and airborne form factors. Together, its products create a networked battlefield environment that connects land, air and sea echelons.

The Company's radios include multiband, multi-mission, legacy-system compatible tactical radios. Wideband networking capability enables situational awareness through high-bandwidth applications, such as streaming video, simultaneous voice and data feeds, collaborative chat and connectivity to networks. Its line of radios includes Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) family of backpack, vehicular-mounted, handheld and airborne radios used by the United States and allied military forces, which operates in very high frequency band, has single-frequency and frequency-hopping modes, and handles voice and data communications; its multiband manpack radio, the AN/PRC-117G, which is National Security Agency (NSA) Type-1-certified for narrowband communications, as well as for wideband communications using its Harris-developed Adaptive Networking Wideband Waveform for high bandwidth data operation and the United States military Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Soldier Radio Waveform; its 2-channel vehicular radio system, the AN/VRC-118, which uses the United States Department of Defense (DoD)-developed Wideband Networking Waveform; its multiband handheld radios, the AN/PRC-152, which is a fielded JTRS-approved software-defined handheld radio, and the AN/PRC-152A, which adds wideband, networked communications capability and supports, both a range of narrowband legacy waveforms and wideband networking waveforms in a handheld platform, and multi-channel airborne radios, which include the RF-7850A for interoperability with its RF-7800 family of international ground radios, as well as a 2-channel airborne radio platform it provides to ViaSat, Inc. to be built into the KOR-24A multi-channel, Link-16 Small Tactical Terminal.

The Company designs and manufactures other communications-related products, including SpearNet Enhanced Video On-board tactical wearable radios, which, when combined with night vision and intelligence dissemination products, forms the Individual Soldier System integrated solution. In addition, it produces vision-enhancing products for the United States and allied military and security forces and for first responders using its image intensification and sensor fusion technology. It develops, produces and supplies Generation 3 image intensification technology for the United States and allied military and security forces. It provides AN/PVS-14 and AN/PVS-7 ground night vision goggles and spare image intensifier tubes to the United States and allied militaries, via foreign military sales, and it is the primary supplier to the United States military for the AN/AVS-6 and AN/AVS-9 aviation night vision goggles, which provide rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft pilots the ability to operate in extreme low-light situations. It has also developed the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) system, which optically overlays traditional night vision imagery with long wave thermal infrared imagery. The ENVG system enables users to operate in extreme low-light and obscured battlefield conditions.

The Company is a global supplier of secure communication systems and equipment for public safety, Federal, utility, commercial and transportation organizations. It designs, builds, distributes, maintains and supplies wireless communications systems. Its Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access (VIDA) network platform is a unified Internet Protocol (IP)-based voice and data communication system that provides network-level interoperable communications among public safety agencies by supporting a full line of communication systems, including NetworkFirst, P25IP and Enhanced Digital Access Communication System.

The Company offers a full range of single-band land mobile radio (LMR) terminals, as well as multiband radios that include a handheld radio and a full-spectrum mobile radio for vehicles. Its multiband radios cover all public safety frequency bands in a single radio; operate on Association of Public Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO) P25 conventional and trunked systems; are backwards compatible with analog frequency modulation (FM) systems, and include advanced capabilities, such as an internal Global Positioning System receiver for situational awareness, internal secure Bluetooth wireless technology and background noise suppression features. The radios also include software-defined radio architecture, which includes a software-only upgrade to APCO P25 Phase 2, a standard for communications.

The Company competes with Aselsan A.S., Elbit Systems Ltd., General Dynamics Corporation, L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc., Motorola Solutions, Inc., Rockwell Collins, Inc., Raytheon Company, Rohde & Schwarz Group, Finmeccanica Group and Thales Group.

Space and Intelligence Systems

The Company's complete Earth observation solutions encompass space and airborne remote sensing capabilities, from end-to-end remote sensing systems for global and regional situational awareness that enable mission success to integrated processing solutions on the ground and on airborne platforms. It specializes in airborne and space-based remote sensing payloads that offer active and motion imaging, as well as data processing, exploitation and dissemination. It also develops small, commercial imaging systems, and its imaging systems are integral components of the United States high-resolution commercial remote sensing satellite systems. It provides space antenna systems and precision space structures. It designs, develops, manufactures and integrates agile and high-performance modular, reconfigurable space payloads that maximize mission performance. It provides optic solutions for industries, such as aerospace, astronomy and microlithography. It manufactures a range of precision optics and optical systems, including mirrors, mounts and metering structures, for space-based platforms, as well as systems based on the ground, at sea and in the air, specializing in large precision optics.

The Company's environmental solutions monitor and evaluate its global environment with ground-based and space-based remote sensing, change detection and data processing. It designs, develops and builds instruments to help measure, understand and monitor real-time weather and long-term climate cycles to support decision making for governmental agencies, scientists, businesses and policy makers. Its technologies capture, analyze and visualize data from various altitudes to manage understanding of weather and climate and enhance Earth observation. In space, advanced environmental satellite systems utilize its imagers and sounders to deliver weather and climate data back to Earth at high resolutions and speeds.

The Company provides integrated real-time, autonomous geospatial solutions, extending from image and data collection through processing, exploitation and dissemination of actionable intelligence. Its specialized capabilities include remote sensing systems for ground, air and space; data encryption; information processing; real-time forensic and predictive analytics, and system performance modeling and simulation. It also provides ground processing and analytics solutions that map and monitor Earth for various commercial and government users. Its geospatial solutions suite of products and services include ENVI image analysis software that analyzes virtually any geospatial data type; Geiger-mode light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor, which measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light, that makes large-scale and high-density data collections possible at affordable prices; Jagwire Web-based geospatial data management software that helps discover data, transform it into information and deliver it to decision makers, even in low bandwidth environments; geospatial marketplace that offers online access to geospatial imagery and data, off-the-shelf data products, such as digital elevation models and orthomosaics, and customized geospatial products for visual simulation databases or to meet customer-specific project requirements, and tracking maritime vessels and delivering global shipping information through access to Satellite Automated Identification System data. It is a global provider of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) products, systems and solutions.

The Company competes with BAE Systems plc, The Boeing Company, General Dynamics Corporation, L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon Company and Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Electronic Systems

The Company designs, develops, produces and sells electronic warfare solutions for airborne, maritime and ground applications to the United States military service branches and to classified customers and allied nations. Its electronic warfare capabilities include threat identification, electronic countermeasures, decoys and expendables, strategic and situational support, electronic attack, passive coastal defense, radar, counter-improvised explosive device (IED) and border surveillance. It has provided electronic warfare solutions for strategic and tactical fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, such as the F/A-18, F-16, B1-B, B-52, C-130H, MH-60, MH-47 and CV-22 aircraft, and it also provides maritime electronic support measures (ESM) for surface and subsurface vessels. It designs and manufactures high-performance radar systems and signal intelligence systems for both domestic and international military customers. Its core radar capabilities include air defense radars, air traffic control (ATC) radars and airborne multifunction radars. Its advanced radar technologies support military and domestic operation missions in homeland security, law enforcement, search and rescue, disaster relief and environmental science. It provides electronic warfare and signals intelligence systems for reconnaissance and surveillance for electronic intelligence, ESM, electronic counter measures and signals intelligence applications.

The Company provides C4I solutions based on its technology capabilities that include advanced ground control systems; SATCOM terminals for mobile, man-portable tactical, strategic fixed-site ground installation and shipboard receiver applications, and integrated battlefield management systems. Its SATCOM terminals connect forces with communication satellites to deliver mission-critical data, including high-resolution imagery and video requiring enormous bandwidth, to any platform. It also provides integrated battlefield management systems for the United States and allied military forces that integrate data from various platforms and sensors in order to support planning and execution of operations, including terrain analysis, route management and global distribution of tactical and operational information, and to help military forces digitize their operations, providing a real-time platform for situational awareness and staff functions, including hostile and blue force tracking, radio communications, planning, personnel, intelligence, local weather and other data. It supplies to the United States Navy and allied navies a range of undersea warfare systems for maritime platforms and environments, including mine sweeping systems, shipboard command and control systems, anti-submarine warfare sonar systems, data link systems, submarine flank and passive towed arrays, and acoustic sensors for military and commercial uses. It produces influence and mechanical mine sweeping systems and mine countermeasures that detect and neutralize subsurface threats to military and commercial maritime vessels.

The Company competes with BAE Systems plc, The Boeing Company, General Dynamics Corporation, L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon Company and Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Critical Networks

The Company's managed services supporting air traffic management include implementing and managing large, complex programs that integrate standards-based communications and information processing technologies in order to provide critical communication systems; information networks for voice, data and video, and navigation and surveillance solutions that meet the needs of its customers, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other civil and military air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports, airlines and system integrators. Its networks and information systems for large-scale, geographically dispersed enterprises offer capabilities for collecting, processing, analyzing, interpreting, displaying, distributing, storing and retrieving data. It also has developed a number of other solutions under FAA programs, including a voice switching and control system providing air-to-ground communication links between en-route aircraft and air traffic controllers throughout the continental United States; an integrated weather briefing and flight planning system for Alaska's general aviation community; a meteorological data processing system that generates radar mosaic data for air traffic controller displays and delivers weather data to critical subsystems within the National Airspace System (NAS), and a satellite-based, interfacility communication system linking the Alaskan Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage with FAA facilities throughout the region.

The Company competes with AT&T Inc., BAE Systems plc, The Boeing Company, CACI International, Inc., Computer Sciences Corporation, CSRA Inc., Engility Holdings, Inc., General Dynamics Corporation, Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., Leidos Holdings, Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, ManTech International Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon Company, RigNet, Inc. and Speedcast International Limited.

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