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The next Northrop Grumman Corp. dividend is expected to go ex in 1 month and to be paid in 2 months.
The previous Northrop Grumman Corp. dividend was 145c and it went ex 2 months ago and it was paid 1 month ago.
There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials).

Latest Dividends
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Status Paid Forecast
Type Quarterly Quarterly
Per share 145c Sign Up Required
Declaration date 19 Aug 2020 (Wed) 18 Nov 2020 (Wed)
Ex-div date 28 Aug 2020 (Fri) 27 Nov 2020 (Fri)
Pay date 16 Sep 2020 (Wed) 16 Dec 2020 (Wed)

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The table below shows the full dividend history for Northrop Grumman Corp.
Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Forecast Quarterly 04 Feb 2025 17 Feb 2025 06 Mar 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 20 Nov 2024 29 Nov 2024 18 Dec 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 21 Aug 2024 23 Aug 2024 11 Sep 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 14 May 2024 31 May 2024 19 Jun 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 06 Feb 2024 19 Feb 2024 07 Mar 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 15 Nov 2023 01 Dec 2023 20 Dec 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 16 Aug 2023 25 Aug 2023 13 Sep 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 16 May 2023 02 Jun 2023 21 Jun 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 07 Feb 2023 17 Feb 2023 09 Mar 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 16 Nov 2022 02 Dec 2022 21 Dec 2022 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 Aug 2022 26 Aug 2022 14 Sep 2022 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 May 2022 03 Jun 2022 22 Jun 2022 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 08 Feb 2022 18 Feb 2022 10 Mar 2022 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 Nov 2021 26 Nov 2021 15 Dec 2021 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 18 Aug 2021 27 Aug 2021 15 Sep 2021 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 18 May 2021 27 May 2021 16 Jun 2021 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 09 Feb 2021 19 Feb 2021 10 Mar 2021 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 18 Nov 2020 27 Nov 2020 16 Dec 2020 USD Sign up
Paid Quarterly 19 Aug 2020 28 Aug 2020 16 Sep 2020 USD 145c 145c 😄
Paid Quarterly 19 May 2020 29 May 2020 17 Jun 2020 USD 150c 145c 😃
Paid Quarterly 11 Feb 2020 21 Feb 2020 11 Mar 2020 USD 132c 132c 😄
Paid Quarterly 20 Nov 2019 29 Nov 2019 18 Dec 2019 USD 132c 132c 😄
Paid Quarterly 21 Aug 2019 06 Sep 2019 25 Sep 2019 USD 132c 132c 😄
Paid Quarterly 14 May 2019 31 May 2019 19 Jun 2019 USD 132c
Paid Quarterly 12 Feb 2019 22 Feb 2019 13 Mar 2019 USD 120c
Paid Quarterly 14 Nov 2018 30 Nov 2018 19 Dec 2018 USD 120c
Paid Quarterly 15 Aug 2018 24 Aug 2018 12 Sep 2018 USD 120c
Paid Quarterly 15 May 2018 01 Jun 2018 20 Jun 2018 USD 120c
Paid Quarterly 25 Jan 2018 02 Mar 2018 21 Mar 2018 USD 110c
Paid Quarterly 15 Nov 2017 01 Dec 2017 20 Dec 2017 USD 100c
Paid Quarterly 16 Aug 2017 24 Aug 2017 13 Sep 2017 USD 100c
Paid Quarterly 16 May 2017 01 Jun 2017 21 Jun 2017 USD 100c
Paid Quarterly 16 Feb 2017 02 Mar 2017 22 Mar 2017 USD 90c
Paid Quarterly 16 Nov 2016 01 Dec 2016 21 Dec 2016 USD 90c
Paid Quarterly 17 Aug 2016 25 Aug 2016 14 Sep 2016 USD 90c
Paid Quarterly 17 May 2016 02 Jun 2016 22 Jun 2016 USD 90c
Paid Quarterly 16 Feb 2016 25 Feb 2016 16 Mar 2016 USD 80c
Paid Quarterly 18 Nov 2015 25 Nov 2015 16 Dec 2015 USD 80c
Paid Quarterly 19 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015 16 Sep 2015 USD 80c
Paid Quarterly 28 May 2015 17 Jun 2015 USD 80c
Paid Quarterly 17 Feb 2015 26 Feb 2015 18 Mar 2015 USD 70c
Paid Quarterly 19 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014 17 Dec 2014 USD 70c
Paid Quarterly 20 Aug 2014 28 Aug 2014 17 Sep 2014 USD 70c
Paid Quarterly 20 May 2014 29 May 2014 18 Jun 2014 USD 70c
Paid Quarterly 18 Feb 2014 27 Feb 2014 19 Mar 2014 USD 61c
Paid Quarterly 20 Nov 2013 27 Nov 2013 18 Dec 2013 USD 61c
Paid Quarterly 21 Aug 2013 29 Aug 2013 18 Sep 2013 USD 61c
Paid Quarterly 14 May 2013 23 May 2013 12 Jun 2013 USD 61c
Paid Quarterly 19 Feb 2013 28 Feb 2013 20 Mar 2013 USD 55c
Paid Quarterly 14 Nov 2012 21 Nov 2012 12 Dec 2012 USD 55c
Paid Quarterly 23 Aug 2012 12 Sep 2012 USD 55c
Paid Quarterly 23 May 2012 13 Jun 2012 USD 55c
Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c
2008 0.0c
2009 0.0c
2010 0.0c
2011 0.0c
2012 220.0c
2013 244.0c
2014 280.0c
2015 320.0c
2016 360.0c
2017 410.0c
2018 480.0c
2019 528.0c
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Northrop Grumman Corp. Optimized Dividend Chart

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Dividend Yield Today
Optimized Yield
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52 Week High
2.6% on 26 August 2020
52 Week Low
1.6% on 29 November 2019
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About Northrop Grumman Corp.

Northrop Grumman Corporation, incorporated on August 4, 2010, is a global security company. The Company provides products, systems and solutions in autonomous systems; cyber; command, control, communications and computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR); strike, and logistics and modernization. The Company's segments include Aerospace Systems, Mission Systems and Technology Services. The Company participates in a range of defense and government programs in the United States and abroad. The Company also conducts business with foreign, state and local governments, as well as commercial customers.

Aerospace Systems

The Company's Aerospace Systems segment is engaged in the design, development, integration and production of manned aircraft, autonomous systems, spacecraft, high-energy laser systems, microelectronics and other systems/subsystems. Aerospace Systems' customers, primarily the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Government agencies, use these systems in mission areas, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), strike operations, communications, earth observation, space science and space exploration. The Aerospace Systems segment consists of business areas, including Autonomous Systems, Manned Aircraft and Space.

The Company's Autonomous Systems business designs, develops, manufactures and integrates ISR autonomous systems for tactical and strategic missions. The ISR programs include the Global Hawk system, a high-altitude system providing high resolution imagery of large geographical areas; the Triton system providing real-time ISR over ocean and coastal regions; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system for multinational theater operations; the Fire Scout system providing situational awareness and precision targeting support, and the Navy Unmanned Combat Air System demonstrating an unmanned combat air vehicle for carrier-based operations. The Company's Manned Aircraft business designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates airborne C4ISR, long-range strike aircraft systems, tactical aircraft systems and directed energy systems. The airborne C4ISR programs include the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye and Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). Its long-range strike aircraft programs include the B-21 Raider long-range strike bomber and modernization and sustainment services for the B-2 Spirit bomber. Tactical aircraft includes the design, development, manufacture and integration of F-35 Lightning II center fuselage and F/A-18 Super Hornet aft fuselage sections. Directed energy involves the design, development, and integration of laser weapon systems for air, ground, and sea platforms, and production of the Airborne Laser Mine Detection System for the United States Navy and international rotary wing customers.

The Space business designs, develops, manufactures and integrates spacecraft systems, subsystems, sensors and communications payloads in support of space C4ISR and science. The programs include the James Webb Space Telescope, an infrared telescope being built for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Advanced Extremely High Frequency payloads providing survivable, protected communications to the United States forces; Space-Based Infrared System payloads providing data for missile surveillance, missile defense, technical intelligence and battlespace characterization, and restricted programs.

Mission Systems

The Company's Mission Systems segment offers mission solutions and multifunction systems for DoD, intelligence community, international, federal civil and commercial customers. The Mission Systems segment offers products and services, including C4ISR systems; radar, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) and acoustic sensors; electronic warfare systems; cyber solutions; space systems; intelligence processing systems; air and missile defense (AMD) integration; navigation, and shipboard missile and encapsulated payload launch systems. Mission Systems segment consists of business areas, including Sensors and Processing, Cyber and ISR, and Advanced Capabilities. The Sensors and Processing business delivers products, systems and services that support ground-based and airborne fixed and rotary wing platforms with radar, electronic warfare, communications, command and control (C2), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and situational awareness mission systems.

The Company offers targeting, surveillance, air defense, and early warning and control radar systems; EO/IR and radio frequency (RF) self-protection, targeting and surveillance systems; electronic attack and electronic support systems; net-enabled battle management; communications and intelligence systems; digitized cockpits, and multi-sensor processing. The Company's programs include the Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) and air-to-ground sensors; Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN); F-35 fire control radar, Distributed Aperture System (DAS), and the Communications, Navigation and Identification (CNI) integrated avionics system; Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR); Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM); Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM); Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR), and the UH-60V Black Hawk integrated mission equipment package.

The Company's Cyber and ISR business delivers products, systems and services that support cyber solutions, space-based payload and exploitation systems, space-based C2 and processing systems, and enterprise integration of multi-intelligence mission data across a range of domains. The Company offers cyber mission management; cyber solutions for national security applications; missile warning and defense systems; weather and satellite communications; ground software systems, and geospatial intelligence and data fusion, specializing in the collection, processing and exploitation of data. The Company's programs include exploitation and cyber programs; operational services to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT); information technology (IT) coverage and support services through the Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (SITE); the Enterprise Application Development Integration and Sustainment (EADIS) program, and restricted programs.

The Company's Advanced Capabilities business provides integration and interoperability of net-enabled battle management, sensors, targeting and surveillance systems; air and missile defense C2; and global battlespace awareness. The Company also delivers products, systems and services that support maritime platforms and embedded global positioning systems (GPS) for a range of platforms, including ships, aircraft, spacecraft and weapons. The Company offers AMD integration with land, air and space assets; shipboard missile and encapsulated payload launch systems; unmanned maritime vehicles and high-resolution undersea sensors, and inertial navigation systems. The Company's programs include the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS); the Missile Defense Agency Joint National Integration Center Research and Development Contract (JRDC); Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system; Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block III, and Trident and Virginia-Class payload launch systems.

Technology Services

The Company's Technology Services segment provides logistics solutions supporting the full life cycle of platforms and systems for global defense and federal-civil customers. The Company delivers a range of offerings, including software and system sustainment; modernization of platforms and associated subsystems; advanced training solutions, and integrated logistics support. The Technology Services segment consists of business areas, including Global Logistics and Modernization, Advanced Defense Services, and System Modernization and Services.

The Global Logistics and Modernization business provides global logistics support, sustainment, operations and modernization for air, sea and ground systems and weapon system components. The Company is engaged in offering aircraft, electronics and software sustainment and engineering; electronic warfare/attack and avionics/electronics subsystems modernization; supply chain management; deployed logistics support for manned and unmanned weapon systems, and field services, on-going maintenance and technical assistance. The Company offers integration, delivery and global support of unmanned special mission aircraft solutions for platforms, such as the MQ-5B Hunter, Global Hawk and Triton; subsystem and component-level depot repair for products, such as AAQ-24, APN-241, and ALQ-135; missile sustainment and modernization solutions for products, including the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Minuteman III, and weapon systems sustainment, refurbishment, overhaul, modernization and contractor logistics support for a range of platforms, including the B-2 Spirit bomber, KC-10, JSTARS, KC-30A and UK Airborne Warning and Control System.

The Advanced Defense Services business provides defense and security services, including cyber; network operations and security; system and software modernization, and land forces sustainment. The Company's programs include the Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center, which provides network defense services for the United States Marine Corps, including analysis of network traffic, identification of malicious and unauthorized activity, and response to intrusion incidents; Ministry of the National Guard Training Support; the Enterprise Military Housing program, the software application used for the management of government housing, and the Mission Command Training Program, the Army's staff training exercise program at the tactical and operational level.

The Company's System Modernization and Services business provides life cycle information systems modernization and sustainment, primarily in support of civil government agencies. The Company offers analytics, mission information processing, cyber and secure networking, and software development. The Company offers fraud detection and compliance services, data analysis and decision support tools, and software system sustainment services. The System Modernization and Services business provides services to the United States Government healthcare agencies, including benefits systems administration, fraud prevention and payment modernization. The Company also provides information sharing and analysis solutions, as well as engineer enterprise-wide solutions to design, build and manage IT infrastructures.

The Company competes with BAE Systems, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, General Dynamics, Harris, L3 Technologies, Leidos, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Thales.

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