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Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (BR)

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (Broadridge), incorporated on December 6, 2006, is a provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions to banks, broker-dealers, mutual funds and corporate issuers. The Company's segments include Investor Communication Solutions, and Global Technology and Operations. The Company's services include investor and customer communications, securities processing, and data and analytics solutions. The Company delivers a range of solutions that helps its clients serve their retail and institutional customers across the entire investment lifecycle, including pre-trade, trade, and post-trade processing functionality. The Company serves a client base across four client groups: capital markets, asset management, wealth management and corporations.

Investor Communication Solutions

The Company offers Bank/Broker-Dealer Investor Communication Solutions, Customer Communication Solutions, Corporate Issuer Solutions, Advisor Solutions and Mutual Fund and Retirement Solutions through Investor Communication Solutions segment. The Company's Investor Communication Solutions business involves the processing and distribution of proxy materials to investors in equity securities and mutual funds, as well as the facilitation of related vote processing. ProxyEdge, its electronic proxy delivery and voting solution for institutional investors and financial advisors, helps ensure the voting participation of the largest stockholders of various companies. The Company also provides the distribution of regulatory reports and corporate action/reorganization event information, as well as tax reporting solutions that help its clients meet their regulatory compliance needs.

The Company provides customer communications, financial information distribution and transaction reporting services to financial services firms, corporations and mutual funds. These services include the processing and distribution of account statements and trade confirmations, traditional and personalized document fulfillment and content management services, marketing communications, and imaging, archival and workflow solutions that enable its clients' communications with investors and customers. All of these communications are delivered through print, electronic or digital channels. In addition, the Company provides corporations with registered proxy services, as well as registrar, stock transfer and record-keeping services.

The Company's advisor solutions enable firms, financial advisors, wealth managers and insurance agents to engage with customers through cloud-based marketing and customer communication tools. Its marketing ecosystem integrates data, content and technology to drive new client acquisition and cross-sell opportunities through the creation of sales and educational content, including seminars and a library of financial planning topics, as well as customizable advisor Websites, search engine marketing and electronic and print newsletters. Its advisor solutions also help advisors optimize their practice management through customer and account data aggregation and reporting. The Company supports approximately 100,000 professionals at over 250 financial firms with its advisor solutions. Its mutual fund and retirement solutions are a range of tools for mutual funds, exchange traded fund (ETF) providers, and asset management firms. They include data-driven technology solutions for data management, analytics, investment accounting, marketing and customer communications. In addition, the Company provides mutual fund trade processing services for retirement providers, third party administrators, financial advisors, banks and wealth management professionals through its subsidiary, Matrix Financial Solutions, Inc. (Matrix).

Global Technology and Operations

The Company offers a middle- and back-office securities processing platform for North American and global broker-dealers. The Company offers a suite of computerized real-time transaction processing services that automate the securities transaction lifecycle, from desktop productivity tools, data aggregation, performance reporting, and portfolio management to order capture and execution, trade confirmation, settlement, reference data, reconciliations and accounting. Its services help financial institutions consolidate their books and records, gather and service assets under management, focus on their businesses and manage risk. Provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, the Company's platform is a market solution, clearing and settling in over 70 countries. Its multi-currency solutions support real-time global trading of equity, fixed income, mutual fund, foreign exchange and exchange traded derivative securities in established and emerging markets.

The Company's Broadridge Investment Management Solutions business provides buy-side technology solutions for the global investment management industry. Broadridge Investment Management Solutions provides front-, middle- and back-office solutions, such as order management, data warehousing, reporting, reference data management, risk management and portfolio accounting to hedge funds, investment managers and the providers that service this space (prime brokers, hedge fund administrators and custodians). The Company offers various services, such as North American Securities Processing Solutions, International Securities Processing Solutions and Managed Services Solution. It provides a set of multi-currency systems that support real-time processing of securities transactions in North American equities, options, fixed income securities and mutual funds. Brokerage Processing Services (BPS) is its multi-currency back-office processing system that supports real-time processing of primarily equity and option transactions in the United States markets. In addition to its BPS offering, the Company provides transaction processing tools and services for small to mid-market financial firms in Canada. The Company also provides business process outsourcing services that are known as its Managed Services solution, which supports the operations of its clients' businesses, including their securities clearing, record-keeping, and custody-related functions. Its clients execute and clear their securities transactions and engage the Company to perform various related administrative back-office functions, such as record-keeping and reconciliations.

Broadridge's Integrated Solutions

The Company's systems for processing equity, option and mutual fund transactions in the United States markets can also be combined with its specialized systems for processing fixed income and international securities transactions. These specialized securities processing services can be integrated with its Managed Services solution. In addition, the Company's clients can integrate its securities processing and Managed Services solution with its other services, including the processing of trade confirmations and account statements, delivered in paper or electronically; equity and mutual fund prospectus processing; automated workflow tools that help its clients streamline their securities processing and operations activities, and a suite of wealth management products, including data aggregation tools, end-customer Websites, broker desktop, financial planning and modeling tools, performance reporting and portfolio accounting.


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2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c 0%
2008 0.0c 0%
2009 0.0c 0%
2010 0.0c 0%
2011 0.0c 0%
2012 32.0c 100%
2013 72.0c 125.0%
2014 84.0c 16.7%
2015 108.0c 28.6%
2016 120.0c 11.1%
2017 132.0c 10.0%
2018 146.0c 10.6%
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Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
12 Mar 2012 02 Apr 2012 2012 Interim Quarterly Paid 16c
14 Jun 2012 02 Jul 2012 2012 Final Quarterly Paid 16c
12 Sep 2012 01 Oct 2012 2013 Interim Quarterly Paid 18c
10 Dec 2012 02 Jan 2013 2013 Interim Quarterly Paid 18c
13 Mar 2013 01 Apr 2013 2013 Interim Quarterly Paid 18c
13 Jun 2013 01 Jul 2013 2013 Final Quarterly Paid 18c
12 Sep 2013 01 Oct 2013 2014 Interim Quarterly Paid 21c
10 Dec 2013 02 Jan 2014 2014 Interim Quarterly Paid 21c
12 Mar 2014 01 Apr 2014 2014 Interim Quarterly Paid 21c
12 Jun 2014 01 Jul 2014 2014 Final Quarterly Paid 21c
11 Sep 2014 01 Oct 2014 2015 Interim Quarterly Paid 27c
10 Dec 2014 02 Jan 2015 2015 Interim Quarterly Paid 27c
11 Mar 2015 01 Apr 2015 2015 Interim Quarterly Paid 27c
15 Jun 2015 01 Jul 2015 2015 Final Quarterly Paid 27c
11 Sep 2015 01 Oct 2015 2016 Interim Quarterly Paid 30c
10 Dec 2015 04 Jan 2016 2016 Interim Quarterly Paid 30c
10 Mar 2016 01 Apr 2016 2016 Interim Quarterly Paid 30c
15 Jun 2016 01 Jul 2016 2016 Final Quarterly Paid 30c
13 Sep 2016 01 Oct 2016 2017 Interim Quarterly Paid 33c
12 Dec 2016 04 Jan 2017 2017 Interim Quarterly Paid 33c
10 Mar 2017 03 Apr 2017 2017 Interim Quarterly Paid 33c
13 Jun 2017 03 Jul 2017 2017 Final Quarterly Paid 33c
14 Sep 2017 03 Oct 2017 2018 Interim Quarterly Paid 36.5c
14 Dec 2017 03 Jan 2018 2018 Interim Quarterly Paid 36.5c
14 Mar 2018 03 Apr 2018 2018 Interim Quarterly Paid 36.5c
14 Jun 2018 03 Jul 2018 2018 Final Quarterly Paid 36.5c
17 Sep 2018 03 Oct 2018 2019 Interim Quarterly Paid 48.5c
13 Dec 2018 03 Jan 2019 2019 Interim Quarterly Paid 48.5c
14 Mar 2019 03 Apr 2019 2019 Interim Quarterly Paid 48.5c
13 Jun 2019 03 Jul 2019 2019 Final Quarterly Paid 48.5c
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