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Kansas City Southern KSU

Dividend Summary

The previous Kansas City Southern dividend was 54c and it went ex over 2 years ago and it was paid over 2 years ago.
There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 4.8.

Latest Dividends
Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Status Paid
Type Quarterly
Per share 54c
Declaration date 05 Nov 2021 (Fri)
Ex-div date 30 Dec 2021 (Thu)
Pay date 19 Jan 2022 (Wed)

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The table below shows the full dividend history for Kansas City Southern
Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Paid Quarterly 05 Nov 2021 30 Dec 2021 19 Jan 2022 USD 54c 54c 😄
Paid Quarterly 10 Aug 2021 10 Sep 2021 06 Oct 2021 USD 54c 54c 😄
Paid Quarterly 20 May 2021 11 Jun 2021 07 Jul 2021 USD 44.5c 54c 😌
Paid Quarterly 04 Feb 2021 05 Mar 2021 07 Apr 2021 USD 44c 54c 😌
Paid Quarterly 10 Nov 2020 30 Dec 2020 20 Jan 2021 USD 44.5c 44c 😃
Paid Quarterly 11 Aug 2020 11 Sep 2020 07 Oct 2020 USD 40c 40c 😄
Paid Quarterly 21 May 2020 05 Jun 2020 08 Jul 2020 USD 40c 40c 😄
Paid Quarterly 30 Jan 2020 06 Mar 2020 08 Apr 2020 USD 40c 40c 😄
Paid Quarterly 12 Nov 2019 30 Dec 2019 22 Jan 2020 USD 36c 40c 😏
Paid Quarterly 13 Aug 2019 06 Sep 2019 02 Oct 2019 USD 36c 36c 😄
Paid Quarterly 20 May 2019 07 Jun 2019 03 Jul 2019 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 31 Jan 2019 08 Mar 2019 03 Apr 2019 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 09 Nov 2018 28 Dec 2018 16 Jan 2019 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 16 Aug 2018 07 Sep 2018 03 Oct 2018 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 18 May 2018 08 Jun 2018 05 Jul 2018 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 23 Jan 2018 09 Mar 2018 04 Apr 2018 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 10 Nov 2017 28 Dec 2017 17 Jan 2018 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 15 Aug 2017 08 Sep 2017 04 Oct 2017 USD 36c
Paid Quarterly 05 May 2017 08 Jun 2017 05 Jul 2017 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 26 Jan 2017 09 Mar 2017 05 Apr 2017 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 11 Nov 2016 28 Dec 2016 18 Jan 2017 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 17 Aug 2016 08 Sep 2016 05 Oct 2016 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 05 May 2016 09 Jun 2016 06 Jul 2016 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 28 Jan 2016 10 Mar 2016 06 Apr 2016 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 11 Nov 2015 29 Dec 2015 20 Jan 2016 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 03 Aug 2015 10 Sep 2015 07 Oct 2015 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 08 May 2015 04 Jun 2015 08 Jul 2015 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 29 Jan 2015 05 Mar 2015 08 Apr 2015 USD 33c
Paid Quarterly 13 Nov 2014 29 Dec 2014 21 Jan 2015 USD 28c
Paid Quarterly 05 Aug 2014 04 Sep 2014 08 Oct 2014 USD 28c
Paid Quarterly 30 Apr 2014 05 Jun 2014 02 Jul 2014 USD 28c
Paid Quarterly 27 Jan 2014 06 Mar 2014 02 Apr 2014 USD 28c
Paid Quarterly 14 Nov 2013 27 Dec 2013 22 Jan 2014 USD 21.5c
Paid Quarterly 06 Aug 2013 05 Sep 2013 02 Oct 2013 USD 21.5c
Paid Quarterly 02 May 2013 06 Jun 2013 03 Jul 2013 USD 21.5c
Paid Quarterly 28 Jan 2013 07 Mar 2013 03 Apr 2013 USD 21.5c
Paid Quarterly 16 Nov 2012 06 Dec 2012 28 Dec 2012 USD 19.5c
Paid Quarterly 06 Sep 2012 03 Oct 2012 USD 19.5c
Paid Quarterly 07 Jun 2012 06 Jul 2012 USD 19.5c
Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c
2008 0.0c
2009 0.0c
2010 0.0c
2011 0.0c
2012 80.0c
2013 92.5c
2014 117.0c
2015 132.0c
2016 132.0c
2017 141.0c
2018 144.0c
2019 152.0c
2020 178.0c

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0.0% on 21 May 2023
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0.0% on 21 May 2023
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About Kansas City Southern

Kansas City Southern (KCS), incorporated on January 29, 1962, is a holding company. The Company has domestic and international rail operations in North America that are focused on the north/south freight corridor connecting commercial and industrial markets in the central United States with industrial cities in Mexico. Its subsidiaries include The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCSR), Kansas City Southern de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (KCSM), Mexrail, Inc. (Mexrail), KCSM Servicios, S.A. de C.V. (KCSM Servicios), Meridian Speedway, LLC (MSLLC) and Panama Canal Railway Company (PCRC). KCSR serves a 10-state region in the midwest and southeast regions of the United States and has the north/south rail route between Kansas City, Missouri and various ports along the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. KCSM operates a commercial corridor of the Mexican railroad system. KCSM's rail lines provide rail access to the United States and Mexico border crossing at Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, the rail freight interchange point between the United States and Mexico. As of December 31, 2016, KCSM served its Mexico's industrial cities and three of its seaports. KCSM also provides rail access to the Port of Lazaro Cardenas on the Pacific Ocean.

Tex-Mex owns a 157-mile rail line extending from Laredo, Texas to the port city of Corpus Christi, Texas, which connects the operations of KCSR with KCSM. As of December 31, 2016, the KCS coordinated rail network (KCSR, KCSM and Tex-Mex) consisted of approximately 6,600 route miles extending from the midwest and southeast portions of the United States south into Mexico. KCSM Servicios provides employee services to KCSM. PCRC operates the Panama Canal Railway, a 47-mile railroad located adjacent to the Panama Canal that provides international container shipping companies with a railway transportation alternative to the Panama Canal. The Company serves various markets, including chemical and petroleum; industrial and consumer products; agriculture and minerals; energy; intermodal, and automotive. Chemical and petroleum sector includes products, such as plastics, other petroleum refined products and miscellaneous chemicals. KCS transports these products to markets in the midwest, southeast and northeast United States and throughout Mexico through interchanges with other rail carriers. The products within the chemicals and plastics channels are used in the automotive, housing and packaging industries, as well as in general manufacturing.

The Company's industrial and consumer products sector includes metals and ores, such as iron, steel, zinc and copper. Higher-end finished products, such as steel coils are used by Mexican manufacturers in automobiles, household appliances, the oil and gas industry, and other consumer goods, which are imported from the United States through land borders and through the seaports served by KCS's rail network. KCS also transports steel coils, plates and pipe from the United States and Mexican-based mini-mills to locations in the United States and Mexico for oil drilling, appliance and automotive applications. This sector also serves paper mills directly and indirectly through its various short-line connections. KCS's rail lines run through the southeast United States timber-producing region. In addition, KCS serves various paper mills in the southeast United States.

The agriculture and minerals sector consists of grain and food products. In the United States, KCS's rail lines receive and originate shipments of grain and grain products for delivery to feed mills, food and industrial consumers in the United States and Mexico. The energy sector includes coal, frac sand, petroleum coke and crude oil. KCS transports petroleum coke from refineries in the United States to cement companies in Mexico, as well as to vessels for international distribution through the Pabtex export terminal located in Port Arthur, Texas. The intermodal freight sector consists of hauling freight containers or truck trailers on behalf of steamship lines, motor carriers and intermodal marketing companies with rail carriers serving as long-distance haulers. KCS serves and supports the United States and Mexican markets, as well as cross border traffic between the United States and Mexico. The Company also provides service to customers over its line from Dallas through the Meridian Speedway. KCS provides rail transportation to every facet of the automotive industry supply chain, including automotive manufacturers, assembly plants and distribution centers throughout North America. In addition, KCS transports finished vehicles imported and exported to and from Asia through a distribution facility at the Port of Lazaro Cardenas.

The Company competes with BNSF Railway Company, Union Pacific Railroad Company and Grupo Mexico S.A.B. de C.V.

Commercial Transportation
United States
Share Price
$293.59 (yesterday's closing price)
Shares in Issue
91 million
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