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PowerHouse Energy Group Plc

PowerHouse Energy Group Plc (PHE) Dividends

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About PowerHouse Energy Group Plc

PowerHouse Energy Group plc is a holding company. The Company focuses on exploiting and commercially rolling out its newly developed PHE G3-UHt Waste-to-Energy System. The Company's ultra-high temperature gasification reactor converts waste materials, such as non-recyclable plastic, bio-mass and other waste streams into a clean, synthesis gas composed primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The Company's solutions include waste to energy, power generation and renewable fuels. The Company's technologies enable energy recovery from municipal waste streams that would otherwise be directed to landfills and incinerators or from renewable and alternative fuels, such as biomass, lignite (brown coal), tires and plastics to create syngas for power generation or reformed into liquid fuels for transportation.


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