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Sunrise Communications Group AG

Sunrise Communications Group AG (SRCG)

Sunrise Communications Group AG is a Switzerland-based company that provides telecommunication services. The Company provides services in the area of mobile communications, fixed network, Internet and digital television (TV). Sunrise Communications AG also provides Prepaid Cards, Contract Extension, Help and Support services. It offers mobile phones, tablets, modems and Apple-products, as well as accessories such as chargers or phone headphones. Sunrise Communications AG provides its services to its various clients in the private and public sectors across the Swiss market. The Company's brands include Sunrise, Business Sunrise, Gif Me More, yallo, ortel Mobile and Lebara.


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c 0%
2008 0.0c 0%
2009 0.0c 0%
2010 0.0c 0%
2011 0.0c 0%
2012 0.0c 0%
2013 0.0c 0%
2014 0.0c 0%
2015 0.0c 0%
2016 300.0c 100%
2017 333.0c 11.0%


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
19 Apr 2016 21 Apr 2016 2016 Final Annually Paid 300c
13 Apr 2017 19 Apr 2017 2017 Final Annually Paid 333c
13 Apr 2018 18 Apr 2018 2018 Special Irregularly Paid 400c
12 Apr 2019 16 Apr 2019 2019 Special Irregularly Paid 420c
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