Cerillion PLC announce an interim dividend up 27% to 3.3p

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Cerillion PLC announce an interim dividend up 27% to 3.3p

Cerillion PLC are to declare an increased interim dividend of 3.3p per share (H1 2022: 2.6p), a 27% rise year-on-year. The interim dividend will become payable on 23 June 2023 to those shareholders on the Company's register as at the close of business on the record date of 2 June 2023. The ex-dividend date is 1 June 2023. 

As previously stated, the Board aims to distribute between a third to a half of the Group's free cash flow as dividends each year, subject to the Group's performance and the Board's assessment of the trading environment.

Other financial highlights include:

Revenue up 27% to £20.5m (H1 2022: £16.1m), reflecting ongoing major implementation projects for new customers and new orders from existing customers

Annualised recurring revenue at 31 March 2023 up 34% to £13.1m (H1 2022: £9.8m), mainly driven by increased uptake of managed services

Adjusted EBITDA up 38% to £10.0m (H1 2022: £7.2m)

Adjusted profit before tax up 46% to £9.2m (H1 2022: £6.3m)

Adjusted earnings per share up 37% to 25.5p (H1 2022: 18.6p)

Back-order book up 8% to £43.0m (H1 2022: £39.7m)

Total new orders up 40% to £15.3m (H1 2022: £10.9m)

New customer pipeline up 23% to a record £212.0m (H1 2022: £172.0m)

Net cash up 43% to £23.6m (31 March 2022: £16.5m)

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