Savills Plc Proposed Final Ordinary Dividend of 13.4p per Share

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Savills Plc Proposed Final Ordinary Dividend of 13.4p per Share

An interim dividend of 6.6p per share (2021: 6.0p) amounting to £8.9m was paid on 5 October 2022, and a final ordinary dividend of 13.4p per share (2021: 12.75p) is recommended, making the ordinary dividend 20.0p per share for the year (2021: 18.75p). A supplemental interim dividend of 15.6p per share (2021: 15.6p) is declared, based upon the underlying performance of their Transaction Advisory business. Taken together, the ordinary and supplemental interim dividends comprise an aggregate distribution for the year of 35.6p per share, representing an increase of 3.6% on the 2021 aggregate ordinary and supplemental dividend of 34.35p. In 2021 they also declared a special dividend of 27.05p.

Subject to Shareholder approval of the proposed final dividend at the AGM on 17 May 2023, the aggregate final and supplementary interim dividends of 29.0p will be paid on 22 May 2023 to Shareholders on the register at 11 April 2023.

Other Financial Highlights: 

  • Group revenue up 7% to £2.3bn (2021: £2.15bn)
  • Underlying profit before tax decreased 18% to £164.6m (2021: £200.3m)
  • Reported profit before tax decreased 16% to £153.9m (2021: £183.1m)
  • Underlying basic EPS down 19% to 94.9p (2021: 116.5p); reported basic EPS down 17% to 87.0p (2021: 104.9p)
  • Net cash £307.4m (2021: £340.7m)

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