Aviva increases its 2014 final dividend by 30%

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Aviva increases its 2014 final dividend by 30%

Mark Wilson, Group Chief Executive Officer, said:

"These results show tangible progress, with all key metrics moving in the right direction. Cash is up 65%, operating earnings per share is up 10%1, value of new business is up 15%2 and book value is 26% higher. Operating expenses are £571 million lower than our 2011 base-line, debt ratios are down and our full year combined ratio of 95.7% is the best in eight years.

"We have increased our final dividend by 30% to reflect the progress made during the year and our improved financial position. We have entered 2015 in a position of strength.

"Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assume that our turnaround is nearing completion as we have further to travel than the distance we have come."

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