Corac half yearly results 2014

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Corac half yearly results 2014

Business highlights

revenue growth and improved financial performance in each business

HTT delivering growth with improved margins

broadening of ACI customer base and additional orders from existing customers

appointment of Simon Kings as MD at ACI with extensive Naval and international business development experience

successful build and testing of CET renewable energy solutions with progress to manufacturing agreement expected with partners  in the second half of the year

refocused CET in the upstream gas sector on highest economic value applications

Group financial commentary

Growth in all three operating companies improved Group revenues by almost 20% to £9.9m (2013: £8.3m).

Total R&D2 spend was £1.4m (2013: £1.4m) and was focused on supporting ongoing testing of the proven technology within the CET business. Central costs include a charge of £250k as settlement of a legal claim resolved in June 2014.

The Group loss before tax was reduced to £2.1m (2013: loss before tax of £2.4m), and the Adjusted Group EBITDA1 loss was £1.4m (2013: loss £1.7m).

The timing of working capital flows and the continued investment programmes have led to a reduction in cash balance to £8.9m in the first half of the year (31 December 2013: £13.7m), which was in line with management expectations. The working capital movements are expected to reverse in the second half of the year.

Group order book stood at £12.2m as at 30 June 2014 (30 June 2013: £13.2m) and reflects timing factors on the issue of certain major contracts. Together with strong order intake since 30 June, this provides good visibility of revenue in the second half of the year.

Commenting on the results, Chief Executive Officer Phil Cartmell said:

"The results issued today demonstrate how the Group businesses are maturing and are on the path to making good returns on their activities. They have focused on their technical advantages and their strongest relationships whilst eliminating those activities that have proved to be a drain on their resources and performance.

"The Group continues to evolve and grow, and with each of the operating businesses making stronger contributions we anticipate demonstrating the true value that exists in our technologies and propositions.

"The Board is confident in Corac's outlook and expect an improved performance in the second half of the year. We anticipate being ahead of market expectations with reduced losses and in a robust financial position."

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