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Demant AS

Demant AS (DEMANT)

Demant A/S, formerly William Demant Holding A/S, is a Denmark-based company engaged in the healthcare industry. It develops, manufactures and sells products and equipment designed to aid the hearing and communication of individuals. The Group focuses on four business areas: Hearing Devices, including such brands as Bernafon, Oticon, Frontrow, Phonic Ear and Sonic; Hearing Implants, including Oticon Medical; Diagnostic Instruments, comprising operations of such audiometer companies as Interacoustics, Grason-Stadler, Amplivox, Maico and MedRx, and Personal Communication, which includes the business of Sennheiser Communications, a headset producer. The Company operates globally, through more than 90 subsidiaries and associates worldwide.


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2010 0.0öre 0%
2011 0.0öre 0%
2012 0.0öre 0%
2013 0.0öre 0%
2014 0.0öre 0%
2015 0.0öre 0%
2016 0.0öre 0%
2017 0.0öre 0%
2018 0.0öre 0%
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