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The next Perkinelmer, Inc. dividend will go ex in 17 days for 7c and will be paid in 1 month.
The previous Perkinelmer, Inc. dividend was 7c and it went ex 2 months ago and it was paid 2 months ago.
There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 14.4.

Latest Dividends
Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Status Paid Declared
Type Quarterly Quarterly
Per share 7c 7c
Declaration date 28 Apr 2022 (Thu) 22 Jul 2022 (Fri)
Ex-div date 21 Jul 2022 (Thu) 20 Oct 2022 (Thu)
Pay date 12 Aug 2022 (Fri) 11 Nov 2022 (Fri)

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Status Type Decl. date Ex-div date Pay date Decl. Currency Forecast amount Decl. amount Accuracy
Forecast Quarterly 21 Jan 2027 15 Apr 2027 14 May 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 21 Oct 2026 21 Jan 2027 12 Feb 2027 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 17 Jul 2026 15 Oct 2026 06 Nov 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 23 Apr 2026 16 Jul 2026 07 Aug 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 22 Jan 2026 16 Apr 2026 08 May 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 22 Oct 2025 15 Jan 2026 06 Feb 2026 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 18 Jul 2025 16 Oct 2025 07 Nov 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 24 Apr 2025 17 Jul 2025 08 Aug 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 23 Jan 2025 17 Apr 2025 09 May 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 23 Oct 2024 16 Jan 2025 07 Feb 2025 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 19 Jul 2024 17 Oct 2024 08 Nov 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 25 Apr 2024 18 Jul 2024 09 Aug 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 25 Jan 2024 18 Apr 2024 10 May 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 25 Oct 2023 18 Jan 2024 09 Feb 2024 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 21 Jul 2023 19 Oct 2023 10 Nov 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 27 Apr 2023 20 Jul 2023 11 Aug 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 26 Jan 2023 20 Apr 2023 12 May 2023 USD Sign up
Forecast Quarterly 26 Oct 2022 19 Jan 2023 10 Feb 2023 USD Sign up
Declared Quarterly 22 Jul 2022 20 Oct 2022 11 Nov 2022 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 28 Apr 2022 21 Jul 2022 12 Aug 2022 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 27 Jan 2022 21 Apr 2022 13 May 2022 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 27 Oct 2021 20 Jan 2022 11 Feb 2022 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 23 Jul 2021 21 Oct 2021 12 Nov 2021 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 29 Apr 2021 15 Jul 2021 06 Aug 2021 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 28 Jan 2021 15 Apr 2021 07 May 2021 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 22 Oct 2020 21 Jan 2021 12 Feb 2021 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 23 Jul 2020 15 Oct 2020 06 Nov 2020 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 30 Apr 2020 16 Jul 2020 07 Aug 2020 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 23 Jan 2020 16 Apr 2020 08 May 2020 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 24 Oct 2019 16 Jan 2020 07 Feb 2020 USD 7c 7c 😄
Paid Quarterly 25 Jul 2019 17 Oct 2019 08 Nov 2019 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 25 Apr 2019 18 Jul 2019 09 Aug 2019 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Jan 2019 17 Apr 2019 10 May 2019 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Oct 2018 17 Jan 2019 08 Feb 2019 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 23 Jul 2018 18 Oct 2018 09 Nov 2018 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 26 Apr 2018 19 Jul 2018 10 Aug 2018 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 25 Jan 2018 12 Apr 2018 10 May 2018 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 27 Oct 2017 18 Jan 2018 09 Feb 2018 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Jul 2017 19 Oct 2017 10 Nov 2017 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 28 Apr 2017 19 Jul 2017 10 Aug 2017 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 27 Jan 2017 11 Apr 2017 10 May 2017 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 26 Oct 2016 18 Jan 2017 10 Feb 2017 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 27 Jul 2016 12 Oct 2016 10 Nov 2016 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 25 Apr 2016 13 Jul 2016 10 Aug 2016 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 28 Jan 2016 13 Apr 2016 10 May 2016 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 29 Oct 2015 13 Jan 2016 10 Feb 2016 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 22 Jul 2015 14 Oct 2015 10 Nov 2015 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 27 Apr 2015 15 Jul 2015 10 Aug 2015 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 23 Jan 2015 15 Apr 2015 11 May 2015 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 23 Oct 2014 14 Jan 2015 06 Feb 2015 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Jul 2014 15 Oct 2014 07 Nov 2014 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 22 Apr 2014 16 Jul 2014 08 Aug 2014 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Jan 2014 15 Apr 2014 09 May 2014 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Oct 2013 15 Jan 2014 07 Feb 2014 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 26 Jul 2013 16 Oct 2013 08 Nov 2013 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 13 Jun 2013 17 Jul 2013 09 Aug 2013 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 25 Jan 2013 17 Apr 2013 10 May 2013 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 24 Oct 2012 16 Jan 2013 08 Feb 2013 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 26 Jul 2012 17 Oct 2012 09 Nov 2012 USD 7c
Paid Quarterly 15 Jun 2012 18 Jul 2012 10 Aug 2012 USD 7c
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2006 0.0c
2007 0.0c
2008 0.0c
2009 0.0c
2010 0.0c
2011 0.0c
2012 28.0c
2013 28.0c
2014 28.0c
2015 28.0c
2016 28.0c
2017 28.0c
2018 28.0c
2019 28.0c
2020 28.0c
2021 28.0c
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0.3% on 02 October 2022
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0.2% on 03 February 2022
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About Perkinelmer, Inc.

PerkinElmer, Inc., incorporated on November 13, 1947, is a provider of products, services and solutions to the diagnostics, research, environmental, industrial and laboratory services markets. The Company operates through two segments: Discovery & Analytical Solutions and Diagnostics.

Discovery & Analytical Solutions

The Discovery & Analytical Solutions segment serves the environmental, food, industrial, life sciences research and laboratory services markets. For the environmental market, it develops and provides analytical technologies, solutions and services that enable its customers to understand the characterization and health of many aspects of environment, including air, water and soil. The Company's technologies are used to detect and help reduce the impact products and industrial processes may have on the environment. For food market, it provides various solutions that help farmers and food producers provide a growing population with food that is safe and nutritious. The Company's instruments are also used to detect the presence of potentially dangerous contaminants, such as lead and mercury in milk. Its solutions can also be used to identify the origin of food products such as olive oil, which helps prevent counterfeiting. Its methods and analyses are transferable throughout the supply chain so its customers are able to keep pace with industry standards as well as governmental regulations and certifications.

The Company provides analytical instrumentation for the industrial market, which includes the chemical, electronics, energy, lubricant, petrochemical and polymer industries. The Company's industrial instrumentation is used by customers focusing on quality assurance standards. In the life science research market, it provides a suite of solutions including reagents, informatics, and detection and imaging technologies that enable scientists to increase life science research and facilitate the drug discovery processes. These products, solutions and services support pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and academic institutions. The Company's research portfolio includes a range of systems consisting of imaging, detection and extraction instrumentation for use on in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo models, analysis hardware and software, plus a range of consumable products, including drug discovery and research reagents. The Company provides services designed to enable its customers in the laboratory services market throughout the world. The Company's OneSource laboratory service business is aligned with customers' needs to accelerate science by enabling gains within their labs.

The Company's principal products and services for Discovery & Analytical Solutions applications in the environmental, food and industrial markets include Clarus series of gas chromatographs, gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers; the TurboMatrix family of sample-handling equipment are used to identify and quantify compounds in the environmental, forensics, food and beverage, hydrocarbon processing/biofuels, materials testing, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries; Altus UPLC and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) advanced liquid chromatography systems providing high throughput and resolution chromatographic separations; AxION 2 TOF MS that is designed to simplify and streamline virtually any analytical workflow and provides mass accuracy, full spectrum capability, speed, sensitivity, and dynamic range; AxION Direct Sample Analysis (DSA), which is a sample introduction system that enables direct sample analysis with minimal sample preparation and no chromatography; Torion T-9 portable GC/MS, a person-portable gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) system, enabling rapid detection and actionable results to potentially hazardous and emergency environmental conditions; atomic spectroscopy family of instruments, including the AAnalyst/PinAAcle series of atomic absorption spectrometers, the Avio/Optima family of inductively coupled plasma (ICP) optical emission spectrometers and the NexION family of ICP mass spectrometers are used in the environmental and chemical industries, among others, to determine the elemental content of a sample; LAMBDA UV/Vis, a series of spectrophotometers that provide sampling flexibility to enable measuring of a range of sample types, including liquids, powders and solid materials, both in regulated industries as well as quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) and research applications; 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer, an organic elemental analyzer, and Perten's Falling Number and Glutomatic instruments that determine the bread baking quality of wheat and flour. It also includes products, such as Avio 200, which is the smallest inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) on the market, offering the lowest argon consumption of any ICP; QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS, which is a flow-based mass spectrometry system that provides high sensitivity; Delta range of milk quality analyzers that ensure the quality of dairy products and are used at Central Milk Testing labs as well as dairy processing facilities around the world, and Bioo Scientific test kits for detection of toxins, veterinary drug residues and contaminants enable testing at various steps in the food value chain.

The Company's principal products and services for Discovery & Analytical Solutions applications in the life sciences research and laboratory services include Phenoptics quantitative pathology research solutions that provide oncologists and cancer immunologists a new way to visualize and measure tumor cells and multiple immune-cell phenotypes simultaneously in FFPE tissue by combining the power of Opal multiplexed immunohistochemistry reagents with the Mantra or Vectra 3 Multispectral Imaging System, enabling visualization and analysis of complex cell interactions in ways that are difficult to achieve with other methods; radiometric detection solutions, including over 1,100 radiochemicals NEN and the Tri-carb, Quantulus GCT families of liquid scintillation analyzers, Wizard2 Gamma counters and MicroBeta2 plate based LSA that are used for beta, gamma and luminescence counting in microplate and vial formats utilized in research, environmental and drug discovery applications; Opera Phenix high content screening system, which is used for sensitive and high speed phenotypic drug screening of complex cellular models; Operetta CLS high content analysis system; Columbus image data storage and analysis system; EnSight multimode plate reader benchtop system that offers well plate imaging alongside label-free and labeled detection technologies for target-based and phenotypic assays; EnVision multilabel plate reader that is targeted towards a range of high-throughput screening applications, including those using AlphaScreen, AlphaLISA and/or AlphaPlex technologies, and G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET/CT preclinical imaging systems. It also includes products, such as Alpha SureFire Ultra Multiplex Assays that are used for the rapid, sensitive and quantitative detection of phosphoproteins in cells, combined with the measurement of the total amount of the same protein in a single well; CellCarrier Ultra 384-well microplates that are used in high content imaging applications such as phenotypic screening and three-dimensional disease model studies, and PerkinElmer Signals for Translational, a cloud-based data management, aggregation and analysis platform, which integrates experimental and clinical research data from many sources and relates the data to scientifically meaningful concepts in life sciences research market.


The Company offers instruments, reagents, assay platforms, and software to hospitals, medical labs, clinicians, and medical research professionals to help increase the health of families. The Diagnostics segment is focused on reproductive health, emerging market diagnostics and applied genomics. For the diagnostics market, the Diagnostics segment provides early detection for genetic disorders from pregnancy to early childhood, as well as infectious disease testing. Its screening products are designed to provide early insights into the health of expectant mothers during pregnancy and into the health of their babies. Its instruments, reagents and software test and screen for genetic abnormalities, disorders and diseases, including Down syndrome, hypothyroidism, infertility and various metabolic conditions. It also develops the technologies that enable and support sample-to-sequencer workflow using next-generation deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA) sequencing for applications in oncology, genetic testing and drug discovery. 

The Company's principal products and services for Diagnostics applications in the diagnostics market include DELFIA Xpress screening platform, a complete solution for prenatal and maternal health screening, which includes a continuous loading system; NeoBase Non-derivatized MS/MS kit analyzes newborn blood samples for measurement of amino acids and other metabolic analytes for specific diseases; Specimen Gate informatics data management solution, which is designed specifically for newborn screening laboratories; ViaCord umbilical cord blood banking services for the banking of stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, for potential therapeutic application in transplant and regenerative medicine; Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Prep and multiplexing kits; and EnLite Neonatal TREC System, a screening test for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, consisting of EnLite Neonatal TREC reagent kits, the Victor EnLite instrument and EnLite Workstation software. Its products and services in applied genomics include Automated liquid handling platforms (JANUS, Sciclone and Zephyr) that offer a choice of robotic solutions in genomics, biotherapeutics, high throughput screening and high content analysis to assist life science research from bench to clinic; LabChip GXII Touch that provides a means of characterizing multiple protein product attributes for research labs through QC, and cell::explorer automated workstation that allows integration of multiple laboratory instrumentation using a centralized robotic interface, allowing high throughput and turnkey-application focused solutions.

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