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Idex Corporation

Idex Corporation (IEX)

IDEX Corporation (IDEX), incorporated on September 24, 1987, operates an applied solutions business that sells pumps, flow meters and other fluidics systems, and components and engineered products. The Company operates through three segments: Fluid & Metering Technologies (FMT), Health & Science Technologies (HST) and Fire & Safety/Diversified Products (FSDP). With its segments, as of December 31, 2016, the Company maintained 13 platforms.


The Company's FMT segment provides flow monitoring and other services for the food, chemical, general industrial, water and wastewater, agricultural and energy industries. FMT segment designs, produces and distributes positive displacement pumps, flow meters, injectors, and other fluid-handling pump modules and systems. The FMT application-specific pump and metering solutions serve a range of end markets, including industrial infrastructure, chemical processing, agriculture, food and beverage, pulp and paper, transportation, plastics and resins, electronics and electrical, construction and mining, pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical, machinery and other specialty markets.

The FMT segment contains the Energy (consisting of Corken, Faure Herman, Liquid Controls, SAMPI and Toptech), Valves (consisting of Alfa Valvole, S.r.l, Richter and Aegis Flow Technologies (Aegis)), Water (consisting of Pulsafeeder, Knight, ADS, Trebor and iPEK), Pumps (consisting of Viking and Warren Rupp), and Agriculture (consisting of Banjo) platforms. Energy is a supplier of flow meters, electronic registration and control products, rotary vane and turbine pumps, reciprocating piston compressors and terminal automation control systems. Energy maintains facilities in Lake Bluff, Illinois (Liquid Controls products); Longwood, Florida and Zwijndrecht, Belgium (Toptech products); Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Corken products); La Ferte Bernard, France (Faure Herman products), and Altopascio, Italy (SAMPI products). Applications for Liquid Controls and SAMPI consist of positive displacement flow meters, electronic, registration and control products, including mobile and stationary metering installations for wholesale and retail distribution of petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas, aviation refueling, and industrial metering and dispensing of liquids and gases.

Corken products consist of positive-displacement rotary vane pumps, single and multistage regenerative turbine pumps, and small horsepower reciprocating piston compressors. Toptech supplies terminal automation hardware and software to control and manage inventories, as well as transactional data and invoicing, to customers in the oil, gas and refined-fuels markets. Faure Herman is a supplier of ultrasonic and helical turbine flow meters used in the custody transfer and control of high value fluids and gases. Its Valves consists of the Company's Alfa and Aegis business. Alfa is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of specialty valve products for use in the chemical, petro-chemical, energy and sanitary markets. Located in Casorezzo, Italy, Alfa's products are used in various industrial fields for fluid control, in both gas and liquid form, in various sectors of plant engineering, cosmetics, detergents, food industry, electric energy, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil, heating/air conditioning and in other markets across the world, and also on ships, ferries and marine oil platforms.

Water consists of the Company's ADS, iPEK, Knight and Pulsafeeder businesses. Its Water business is a provider of metering technology, flow monitoring products and underground surveillance services for wastewater markets, alloy and non-metallic gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, transfer pumps, as well as dispensing equipment for industrial laundries, commercial dishwashing and chemical metering. ADS's products and services provide integrated solutions that enable industry, municipalities and government agencies to analyze and measure the capacity, quality and integrity of wastewater collection systems, including the maintenance and construction of such systems. iPEK supplies remote controlled systems used for infrastructure inspection. Knight is a manufacturer of pumps and dispensing equipment for industrial laundries, commercial dishwashing and chemical metering. Pulsafeeder products are used to introduce precise amounts of fluids into processes to manage water quality and chemical composition, as well as peristaltic pumps. Its markets include water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, chemical and hydrocarbon processing and swimming pools. Water maintains operations in Huntsville, Alabama and various other locations in the United States and Australia (ADS products and services); Leeds, England (IETG products and services); Hirschegg, Austria, and Sulzberg, Germany (iPEK products); Rochester, New York, Punta Gorda, Florida and Milan, Italy (Pulsafeeder products); Lake Forest, California, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and Lewes, England, (Knight products), and a maquiladora in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico (Knight products). Richter's products offer solutions for various pump applications in the process industry. Viking's products consist of external gear pumps, strainers and reducers, and related controls used for transferring and metering thin and viscous liquids sold under the Viking and Wright Flow brands. Viking products primarily serve the chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper, plastics, paints, inks, tanker trucks, compressor, construction, food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and biotech markets.


The Company's HST segment designs, produces and distributes precision fluidics, rotary lobe pumps, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, roll compaction and drying systems used in beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, pneumatic components and sealing solutions, including low-flow rate pumping solutions required in analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostics and drug discovery, high performance molded and extruded, biocompatible medical devices and implantable, air compressors used in medical, dental and industrial applications, optical components and coatings for applications in the fields of scientific research, defense, biotechnology, aerospace, telecommunications and electronics manufacturing, laboratory and commercial equipment used in the production of micro and nano scale materials, precision photonic solutions used in life sciences, research and defense markets, and precision gear and peristaltic pump technologies. Its Scientific Fluidics consists of the Company's Eastern Plastics, Rheodyne, Sapphire Engineering, Upchurch Scientific, ERC, and CiDRA Precision Services (CPS) businesses. Scientific Fluidics has facilities in Rohnert Park, California (Rheodyne products); Bristol, Connecticut (Eastern Plastics products); Middleboro, Massachusetts (Sapphire Engineering products); Oak Harbor, Washington (Upchurch Scientific products); Kawaguchi, Japan (ERC products), and Wallingford, Connecticut (CPS products). Eastern Plastics products, which consist of high-precision integrated fluidics and associated engineered manifolds, are used in a range of end markets, including medical diagnostics, analytical instrumentation and laboratory automation.

Rheodyne products consist of injectors, valves, fittings and accessories for the analytical instrumentation market. These products are used by manufacturers of high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment servicing the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, food and beverage and chemical markets. Sapphire Engineering and Upchurch Scientific products consist of fluidic components and systems for the analytical, biotech and diagnostic instrumentation markets, such as fittings, precision-dispensing pumps and valves, tubing and integrated tubing assemblies, filter sensors and other micro-fluidic and nano-fluidic components, as well as column hardware and accessories for the high performance liquid chromatography market. The products produced by Sapphire Engineering and Upchurch Scientific primarily serve the pharmaceutical, drug discovery, chemical, biochemical processing, genomics/proteomics research, environmental labs, food/agriculture, medical lab, personal care and plastics/polymer/rubber production markets. ERC manufactures gas liquid separations and detection solutions for the life science, analytical instrumentation and clinical chemistry markets. ERC's products consist of in-line membrane vacuum degassing solutions, refractive index detectors and ozone generation systems. CPS products consist of microfluidic components serving the life science, health and industrial markets.

The Company's CVI Melles Griot (CVI MG) is engaged in the design and manufacture of precision photonic solutions used in the life sciences, research, semiconductor, security and defense markets. CVI MG's products are focused on the generation, control and productive use of light for a range of key science and industrial applications. Products consist of specialty lasers and light sources, electro-optical components, specialty shutters, opto-mechanical assemblies and components. In addition, CVI MG produces critical components for life science research, electronics manufacturing, military, and other industrial applications, including lenses, mirrors, filters and polarizers. These components are utilized in a range of applications, such as spectroscopy, cytometry (cell counting), guidance systems for target designation, remote sensing, menology and optical lithography.

The Company's Gast business is a manufacturer of air-moving products, including air motors, low-range and medium-range vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and fractional horsepower compressors. Gast products are used in a range of applications. Gast products primarily serve the medical equipment, environmental equipment, computers and electronics, printing machinery, paint mixing machinery, packaging machinery, graphic arts and industrial manufacturing markets. Based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Gast also has a logistics and commercial center in Redditch, England. Micropump offers small, precision-engineered, magnetically and electromagnetically driven rotary gear, piston and centrifugal pumps. Micropump products are used in low-flow abrasive and corrosive applications. Micropump products primarily serve the continuous ink-jet printing, medical equipment, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, refining, laboratory, electronics, textiles, peristaltic metering pumps, analytical process controllers and sample preparation systems markets.

Material Processing Technologies (MPT) consists of the Company's Quadro, Fitzpatrick, Microfluidics and Matcon businesses. Quadro is a provider of particle control solutions for the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical markets. Based in Waterloo, Canada, Quadro's capabilities include fine milling, emulsification and special handling of liquid and solid particulates for laboratory, pilot phase and production scale processing. Fitzpatrick is engaged in the design and manufacture of process technologies for the pharmaceutical, food and personal care markets. Fitzpatrick designs and manufactures customized size reduction, roll compaction and drying systems to support customers' product development and manufacturing processes. Microfluidics is engaged in the design and manufacture of laboratory and commercial equipment used in the production of micro and nano scale materials for the pharmaceutical and chemical markets. Microfluidics is the producer of the Microfluidizer family of high shear fluid processors for uniform particle size reduction, cell disruption and nanoparticle creation. Microfluidics is based in Waterloo, Canada and has offices in Newton, Massachusetts. Matcon is engaged in material processing solutions for high value powders used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, and fine chemicals. Matcon's products consist of the original cone valve powder discharge system and filling, mixing and packaging systems, all of which support its customers' automation and process requirements. Matcon is located in Evesham, England.


The Company's FSDP segment produces firefighting pumps and controls, rescue tools, lifting bags and other components and systems for the fire and rescue industry; engineered stainless steel banding and clamping devices used in industrial and commercial applications, and precision equipment for dispensing, metering, and mixing colorants and paints used in retail and commercial businesses across the world. Its Fire Suppression consists of the Company's Class 1, Hale and Godiva businesses, which produce truck-mounted and portable fire pumps, stainless steel valves, foam and compressed air foam systems, pump modules and pump kits, electronic controls and information systems, conventional and networked electrical systems, and mechanical components for the fire, rescue and specialty vehicle markets. Fire Suppression's customers are primarily OEMs. Fire Suppression has additional facilities located in Warwick, England (Godiva products). Rescue consists of the Company's Dinglee, Hurst Jaws of Life, Lukas and Vetter businesses, which produce hydraulic, battery, gas and electric-operated rescue equipment, hydraulic re-railing equipment, hydraulic tools for industrial applications, recycling cutters, pneumatic lifting and sealing bags for vehicle and aircraft rescue, environmental protection and disaster control, and shoring equipment for vehicular or structural collapse. Rescue's customers are primarily public and private fire and rescue organizations. Rescue has facilities in Shelby, North Carolina (Hurst Jaws of Life products); Tianjin, China (Dinglee products); Erlangen, Germany (Lukas products), and Zulpich, Germany (Vetter products).

The Company competes with Dover Corporation, Milton Roy LLC, Tuthill Corporation, Thomas division of Gardner Denver, Inc., Thermo Scientific Dionex products, Parker Hannifin, Valco Instruments Co., Inc. Gooch & Housego PLC, American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Holmatro, Inc., Corob S.p.A and Panduit Corporation.


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11 Jan 2017 31 Jan 2017 2016 Final Quarterly Paid 34c
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