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Thomas Cook Group Plc

Thomas Cook Group Plc (TCG)

Thomas Cook is Europe's second-largest travel firm, formed by the merger of UK package holiday rival MyTravel and the Thomas Cook tourism unit of Germany’s KarstadtQuelle. Under the terms of the merger, KarstadtQuelle owns 52% of the enlarged group with the rest under MyTravel. Thomas Cook's strategy is prioritising customer support and delivering a reliable, quality service; stakeholders are satisfied through regular maintenance of high customer standards.


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0p
2007 5.0p 100%
2008 9.75p 95.0%
2009 10.75p 10.3%
2010 10.75p 0%
2011 3.75p (65.1%)
2012 0.0p (100.0%)
2013 0.0p 0%
2014 0.0p 0%
2015 0.0p 0%
2016 0.5p 100%
2017 0.6p 20.0%
2018 0.0p (100.0%)
2019 Login required


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
08 Sep 2010 08 Oct 2010 2010 Interim Semiannually Paid 3.75p
16 Mar 2011 07 Apr 2011 2010 Final Semiannually Paid 7p
07 Sep 2011 07 Oct 2011 2011 Final Annually Paid 3.75p
09 Mar 2017 05 Apr 2017 2016 Final Annually Paid 0.5p
08 Mar 2018 05 Apr 2018 2017 Final Annually Paid 0.6p
07 Mar 2019 03 Apr 2019 2018 Final Annually Paid 0p
Login Login 2019 Final Annually Forecast Login

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