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Seplat Petroleum Development Company

Seplat Petroleum (SEPL)

Seplat is an independent indigenous Nigerian upstream exploration and production company with a focus on Nigeria.
The Company is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
(NSE ticker: SEPLAT) and main market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE ticker: SEPL).


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0p
2007 0.0p 0%
2008 0.0p 0%
2009 0.0p 0%
2010 0.0p 0%
2011 0.0p 0%
2012 0.0p 0%
2013 0.0p 0%
2014 9.8p 100%
2015 5.33p (45.6%)
2016 0.0p (100.0%)
2017 3.7262p 100%
2018 7.8367p 110.3%
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2020 Login required


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
05 Nov 2014 24 Nov 2014 2014 Interim Semiannually Paid 3.9p
20 May 2015 10 Jun 2015 2014 Final Semiannually Paid 5.9p
28 Oct 2015 17 Nov 2015 2015 Interim Semiannually Paid 2.6p
19 May 2016 09 Jun 2016 2015 Final Semiannually Paid 2.73p
27 Oct 2016 18 Nov 2016 2016 Interim Semiannually Paid 0p
18 May 2017 09 Jun 2017 2016 Final Semiannually Paid 0p
26 Oct 2017 17 Nov 2017 2017 Interim Semiannually Paid 0p
17 May 2018 08 Jun 2018 2017 Final Semiannually Paid 3.726p (5c)
14 Nov 2018 06 Dec 2018 2018 Interim Semiannually Paid 3.93p (5c)
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Commenting on the results Austin Avuru, Seplat's Chief Executive Officer, said "In 2015 we delivered on what was in our control, posting best-in-class reserves and production growth and taking our gas business across a transformational threshold with further expansion still to come. We acted quickly and decisively in response to the weak oil price environment, adjusting our work programme and cost structures, and against a bleak industry backdrop remained firmly profitable with a strong balance sheet underpinning us. Having started the year strongly, our 2016 full year production expectation has been impacted by the current shut-in of the Forcados terminal. However, we are much better positioned to withstand such interruptions than in prior years. Our gas business takes on additional importance by providing a continuous revenue stream that is de-linked to the oil price and our enlarged portfolio offers us scope for greater diversification. Finally, I would like to re-emphasise our strong focus remains on protecting the business and managing for value through driving further cost reductions, optimising operations, deleveraging and strengthening the balance sheet in preparation for opportunities that will inevitably follow this current downturn."

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