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XLMedia (XLM)

XLMedia is a market-leading provider of digital marketing services. The Group uses proprietary tools and methodologies to generate high value traffic for our customers, in return for a revenue share, fixed fees or a hybrid of both.

We operate across a number of verticals with specific expertise in the online gaming sector, where we partner with over 150 online gaming operators in more than 20 countries.

Online gambling is now worth an estimated $32bn per annum and continues to grow strongly. Online marketing techniques are central to attracting new customers and maintaining market presence for many gambling operators.


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 0.0p
2007 0.0p 0%
2008 0.0p 0%
2009 0.0p 0%
2010 0.0p 0%
2011 0.0p 0%
2012 0.0p 0%
2013 1.93p 100%
2014 2.2p 14.0%
2015 3.55p 61.4%
2016 6.05p 70.4%
2017 5.7445p (5.0%)
2018 4.6097p (19.8%)
2019 Login required
2020 Login required


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
21 May 2014 12 Jun 2014 2013 Final Annually Paid 1.93p (2.768c)
24 Sep 2014 31 Oct 2014 2014 Interim Semiannually Paid 1.1p (1.58c)
09 Apr 2015 08 May 2015 2014 Final Semiannually Paid 1.1p (1.576c)
01 Oct 2015 30 Oct 2015 2015 Interim Semiannually Paid 1.81p (2.595c)
28 Jan 2016 26 Feb 2016 2015 Final Semiannually Paid 1.74p (2.496c)
06 Oct 2016 04 Nov 2016 2016 Interim Semiannually Paid 2.95p (3.821c)
16 Mar 2017 07 Apr 2017 2016 Final Semiannually Paid 3.1p (3.786c)
21 Sep 2017 13 Oct 2017 2017 Interim Semiannually Paid 3.062p (4.023c)
22 Mar 2018 20 Apr 2018 2017 Final Semiannually Paid 2.683p (3.711c)
04 Oct 2018 02 Nov 2018 2018 Interim Semiannually Paid 2.308p (3c)
Login Login 2018 Final Semiannually Forecast Login
Login Login 2019 Interim Semiannually Forecast Login
Login Login 2019 Final Semiannually Forecast Login
Login Login 2020 Interim Semiannually Forecast Login
Login Login 2020 Final Semiannually Forecast Login

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