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Persimmon plc

Persimmon plc (PSN)

Named after a Derby winning horse in the 19th century, Persimmon was established in 1972 and currently operates on around 400 developments around the country. The York-based group owns the premium brand Charles Church and in 2006 acquired Westbury to make it the UK's largest house builder.


Optimized Dividends

Annual Dividends

Year Amount Change
2006 46.5p
2007 51.2p 10.1%
2008 5.0p (90.2%)
2009 0.0p (100.0%)
2010 7.5p 100%
2011 10.0p 33.3%
2012 75.0p 650.0%
2013 70.0p (6.7%)
2014 95.0p 35.7%
2015 110.0p 15.8%
2016 135.0p 22.7%
2017 110.0p (18.5%)
2018 110.0p 0%
2019 110.0p 0%
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2021 Login required


Ex-Div Date Pay Date Year Type Frequency Status Amount
03 Nov 2010 14 Dec 2010 2010 Interim Semiannually Paid 3p
04 May 2011 14 Jun 2011 2010 Final Semiannually Paid 4.5p
02 Nov 2011 13 Dec 2011 2011 Interim Semiannually Paid 4p
09 May 2012 15 Jun 2012 2011 Final Semiannually Paid 6p
17 Apr 2013 28 Jun 2013 2012 Final Annually Paid 75p
04 Jun 2014 04 Jul 2014 2013 Final Annually Paid 70p
19 Mar 2015 02 Apr 2015 2014 Final Annually Paid 95p
03 Mar 2016 01 Apr 2016 2015 Final Annually Paid 110p
09 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017 2016 Interim Semiannually Paid 25p
15 Jun 2017 03 Jul 2017 2016 Final Semiannually Paid 110p
08 Mar 2018 29 Mar 2018 2017 Special Irregularly Paid 125p
14 Jun 2018 02 Jul 2018 2017 Final Semiannually Paid 110p
07 Mar 2019 29 Mar 2019 2018 Special Irregularly Paid 125p
13 Jun 2019 02 Jul 2019 2018 Final Semiannually Paid 110p
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Persimmon 2017 final results new capital return plan

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Given the strong progress the Group has made, the Board announced an acceleration of, and an increase to, the Capital Return Plan on 23 February 2016. Minimising financial risk and retaining flexibility for reinvestment in the business remain key priorities. The Board is of the firm belief that the prioritisation of capital discipline through the housing cycle is critical to the successful delivery of sustainable, superior shareholder value and, therefore, maintained the original long term Capital Return Plan period commitment to 2021.  

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This week we choose a special situation in an area of recovery. U.K housing is underpinned by strong fundamentals. Basically, too many people, too few houses. On an affordability basis i.e income to house prices, they are not cheap, but sustained low interest rates help to remedy this. The government is helping indirectly here by providing stimulus to the banks through a very loose monetary policy. Once the banks stop rebuilding their balance sheets, they will focus on doing what they are meant to. Taking deposits and lending on an interest rate differential.

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