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  • We provide a daily comment, an investor glossary and an up to date news service that focuses on the companies that we follow
  • We focus on an ever growing number of ordinary shares, currently 1200, covering over 99% of the dividends paid in the UK by value
  • We cover 25 of the key European and US indices covering 98% of the dividends paid by value
  • All of the companies that we cover are carefully researched. We do not take any automated feeds for dividend data. We update our data manually when companies release announcements
  • The DividendMax portfolio is available to view through the generatormax demo

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  • OptimizerMax looks at future projected dividends based upon average analysts forecasts. It takes account of the timing of dividend payments to calculate the annualised yield (like an APR). OptimizerMax has filter functionality that allows our members to adjust their risk profile.
  • GeneratorMax allows our members to create a reliable income stream at any interval that they choose, be it monthly, Quarterly etc. It works off the payment date.
  • CountdownMax provides our members with a forward look at companies that are going Ex-Dividend. It goes forward 13 weeks, allowing our members plenty of time to plan.
  • Each company has a Information page that shows historic and future dividend payments, Useful trading features, historic price graphs, general company information like sector, shares in issue, market capitalisation.
  • Weekly Digest. Our members receive a weekly digest giving details of their portfolio, the upcoming two weeks from the CountdownMax, the top 10 yields from the OptimizerMax and a summary of all the news and articles affecting the companies that we follow.
  • Premium Content. Ad Hoc Feature. From time to time we conduct an in-depth research study into one of the sectors or companies that we follow.




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The market is trading down this morning. Photo-me produced profits in line with market expectations but there was no room for a special dividend after a massive investment in the laundry business during the past financial year reduced the cash available to below £50 million. they pay specials on cash balances above £50 million.

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