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What is the OptimizerMax tool?

In these days of low returns we need everything at our disposal to be able to make informed and sensible decisions about making the most of our money. Banks are paying historically low returns on your savings and inflation is actually eating away at them.

Our tools have three very different sets of functionality. They are separate products that can be purchased separately, but we believe they are highly complementary products. There is a significant discount for purchasing all three products.

The selection criteria for inclusion in our products is:

1) All dividend paying stocks in the FTSE 100

2) Selected dividend stocks from the FTSE 250/350 with an historic dividend yield of over 4%


By using the income optimizer you will be able to calculate over varying timescales a very reliable income stream based on future predicted dividends for a large number of high yielding companies

The income optimizer takes into account the ex-dividend dates and expected future dividends to calculate and recalculate the expected returns at any point in time into the future based upon picking up a selected number of dividends.

The product has a filter / selection criteria that allows our members to filter out features of a company that they do not want based upon:


  1. Size – you can filter by Market Capitalisation.

  2. Dividend Cover

  3. Consecutive annual dividend increases.

  4. Forecast dividend increase

  5. Ex Div date


Please note that the ex dividend dates are approximate based upon previous years and an incorrect prediction of the ex dividend date can have a small impact on the accuracy of the calculation.

There is also email functionality that allows the product to send our member an email when certain criteria are met.


All of the calculations of future dividends are based upon the average analysts forecasts. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of future dividend payments or indeed the timings of those payments. We also do not attempt to predict special dividends that companies pay from time to time.