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What is the GeneratorMax Tool?

The GeneratorMax Tool

The GeneratorMax tool is designed to give our clients the ability to select a portfolio of high quality shares that will provide an income as per the clients requirements. The generator shows the companies that are paying out their dividends throughout the year and shows our members on a dividend by dividend basis what they can expect to receive in income that month for every £1000 invested.

With the generator comes a portfolio management capability so that our members can see their returns from income and the current capital position of their investment.

In these days of low returns we need everything at our disposal to be able to make informed and sensible decisions about making the most of our money. Banks are paying historically low returns  on your savings and inflation is actually eating away at them.

By using the GeneratorMax tool, you will be accessing our data that forecasts, based upon average analysts estimates, the future income stream, via ordinary dividends, of a large number of blue chip companies in the U.K. We have data for all of the companies in the FTSE 100 that pay a dividend. We also have a large number of blue chip companies from the FTSE 250 that pay historically high dividend yields.

The GeneratorMax is a tool that is designed to provide our members with a steady income stream. It is based upon the pay date rather than the ex dividend date and it allows our members to choose stocks that will give them a regular monthly income. If a 'normal' stock is chosen that pays an interim and a final dividend, that will populate two months of the year...i.e. the pay date for the interim and the pay date for the final dividend. If a quarterly stock is chosen, the tool will automatically populate 4 months of the year, namely the 4 pay dates.

The GeneratorMax tool has a cash management and portfolio performance tool to supplement the essential use of the tool..i.e selecting stocks to give you a regular monthly income.