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What is the CountdownMax tool?

The CountdownMax tool

The Ex-Dividend countdown provides a list of all the ex-dividend stocks on our database that will be going ex-dividend in the coming quarter. This is sub-divided weekly and is on a rolling 13 week basis. So the member can plan up to a quarter ahead. The ex-dividend countdown tells our members what they will receive and when. It also provides a straightforward rate of return based upon the particular payout and the prevailing share price

This tool illustrates all the upcoming dividends for the top shares in the FTSE 100 and about 20 other large cap stocks with high dividend yields. It shows the ex dividend date, which is the date that the share trades without it's dividend. It also shows the payment date which is the day that the dividend is actually paid to shareholders. It also shows the actual return that you will receive from that single dividend. This is not the return that you will receive annually from the company paying dividends, but literally the return on the dividend that is going ex. The calculation is quite simply the dividend about to go Ex divided by the prevailing market price.

The  CoundownMax tool goes forward for a quarter (13 weeks)


All of the calculations of future dividends are based upon the average analysts forecasts. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of future dividend payments or indeed the timings of those payments. We also do not attempt to predict special dividends that companies pay from time to time.