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Friday Email: 09 November 2018

Every Friday morning our lead analyst Mark Riding sends out his weekly run-down and upcoming events in the investor calendar, like this one:

The FTSE 100 has barely moved this week and is up about 10 points. The Brexit talks continue to drag on and this presents a worry for the markets all over Europe. The Dax (Germany) is down 15% from its January high, whilst the CAC (France) is down 10% from its May high. The FTSE 100 is down 7% on the year and down 10% from its May high.

The past week was busy with plenty of dividend declarations, but none worthy of mention as the dividend growth picture begins to slow down, in part due to caution from companies who face uncertainty from the Brexit situation as we enter the final stretch of the negotiations. The Schroder Income Growth Fund final results made interesting reading (for us anyway) this morning where they mentioned the word dividend(s) over 50 times and reflected on a 4.3% fall in total dividend income for the fund this year, mainly due to the drop in special dividends and unfavorable currency movements.  They mentioned the 'word' Brexit 9 times. The chairmans statement contained these words 'Surveys suggest that the UK stock market has rarely been so unpopular with international investors as it is now. It is easy to see why - it is equally rare for the political backdrop to be as unclear'

The week ahead continues to be busy with a good number of companies reporting to the market.

Going ex dividend on Thursday with yields in excess of 2% we have Dunelm (3.2%) and Marks & Spencer (2.2%)

This email was originally sent on Friday 09 November 2018

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