Friday Email: 24 March 2017

Every Friday morning our lead analyst Mark Riding sends out his weekly run-down and upcoming events in the investor calendar, like this one:

The market has endured a difficult week after UK inflation numbers prompted some to fear a rise in UK interest rates was imminent. The gloom over this was not helped by the murders that occurred at Westminster on Wednesday. Added to this, the markets were at all time highs, so to many investors, it probably felt like a good time to take some profits. As a result, we are down 100 points on the week which actually is not too bad at all given all of the above.

It demonstrates to me that the equity markets certainly do not believe an interest rate rise is on the cards and neither do we.

Quite a few big name players have pulled their advertising from Google and Youtube because of fears that their ads will end up next to videos promoting terrorism, racism and hate, and earn money for those who posted the content. We noticed on one of the investment sites that people thought that this could boost ITV ad revenues.

NAHL proved to me that sometimes we have to hold our nerve with our forecasts, but we reduced the NAHL forecasts to 10p as a result of their very high yield on the Optimizer a month or so back. We were wrong and NAHL actually increased their dividend to 12.7p resulting in a basic annual yield of over 10% and an optimized yield (with slightly reduced forecasts for the next two years) of nearly 17%.

Meanwhile Donald Trump seems to get more interesting by the week. His latest claim is that he is some sort of sage, able to predict things that nobody saw coming like Brexit and him winning the presidency. So he is now asking for people to believe his claims about, for instance, Barack Obama wiretapping (now downgraded to surveillance) and 3 million false votes in the US presidential election and other events as a result of his prophecies on Brexit and the US election result.

New into DividendMax this week at the request of a member we have some more investment trusts namely JPMorgan Claverhouse, F & C Capital & Income, Lowland, Dunedin Income & Growth, Invesco Growth & Income, Sottish American Investment Co. and Aberdeen Diversified Income & Growth.

This email was originally sent on Friday 24 March 2017

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