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Friday Email: 10 July 2015

Every Friday morning our lead analyst Mark Riding sends out his weekly run-down and upcoming events in the investor calendar, like this one:

That was an interesting week considering that there was very little corporate news. We started with the aftermath of the Greek referendum vote and in the middle of the week the Chancellor Of The Exchequer announced big changes to the tax treatment of dividends, applicable from April 2016; which will be at the same time that individuals who who took out annuities in the past can cash in their annuities and manage the money themselves or pass it to somebody else to manage. Main thing is that you can draw down on the principal and pass on what you don't use to whomever you want. So. A great deal for the DIY investor to ponder in about over the next nine months. The UK market has not reacted badly to the new dividend proposals with the Greece and China situation carrying far more weight at the moment.

I have made an attempt to look at the new tax treatment and have produced an article giving some mild opinion on the results of the changes. It's not a disaster by any means and for some could be a way into equities in a relatively tax efficient way. Those with large income producing portfolios are not going to be happy. I am no tax expert so, as we have a good number of accountants, financial advisors and stockbrokers using DividendMax, please let me know if I have got it wrong and I will let you all know asap. I would really apreciate feedback. The link is below:

I have been wary of producing any new research in the past few months, initially because of the UK general election and more recently because of the situation in Greece, but a near 10% correction in the market from 7100 to 6600 means that I am going to produce a 5 stock recommendation early next week. I think the timing has to be towards the end of the summer, but I am once again confident of the full year outcome for the equity markets based mainly on trading reports and dividend declarations to date this year.

The past week saw very little of mention in the way of corporate results but there was a raft of trading updates that were generally positive and so the interim dividend season that is approaching is looking pretty good.

Another quiet week ahead with recent DividendMax addition Conviviality Retail; Sports Direct and Dixons Carphone reporting.


This email was originally sent on Friday 10 July 2015

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