Friday Email: 21 March 2014

Every Friday morning our lead analyst Mark Riding sends out his weekly run-down and upcoming events in the investor calendar, like this one:

Well. I am excited. The new pensions legislation from the chancellor has got to be good for DividendMax as at last the monstrous annuity legislation is about to be scrapped. One of the primary reasons for setting up DividendMax was empowerment of the individual to give investors a chance to manage their own money with tools that help them to make informed decisions. There have been three great empowerments over the past few decades to my mind:

1) Wider Share Ownership that began in the 1980's.

2) The big bang and all that came with it including online share dealing at low cost, etc.

2) The advent of the ISA and the SIPP

This latest move is in my view almost as big and quite frankly makes a pretty boring government suddenly look as though they can think outside of the box. I did not even bother to listen to the budget as I have found so many of the recent budgets a non-event, so I was really surprised to hear the news.

Anyway, the week just passed has been tough for the markets and having praised politicians, they are responsible for the current woes in the market to some extent with the Crimea situation. I find the prospect of escalating sanctions pretty scary. I do not think we can get away from the fact that earnings have been quite poor this season. Highlights for the week include good dividend increases from Next and Savills. That's it I'm afraid.

The week ahead is also pretty quiet as we look forward to Cathay's results on Friday. We will analyse them between 7am and 9am and hopefully give a judgement in this mail next week. The shares are up almost 30% on the year so far. We are not looking for blowaway results, but we are expecting to see a very good outlook for the 2014 financial year as the inositol plant comes fully on stream.

Another of our tips for the year, Imagination Technologies looks to be back in the game (not that they were ever out of it) with the emergence of their ray tracing technology in their new 'Wizard' line of Intellectual property. Speculation will now mount as to whether we will see this in the iPhone 6 which Apple fans around the globe are beginning to get excited about.

We are hoping to issue another piece of dividend research some time this week. We are targetting Wednesday / Thursday. The recent falls in the market should have thrown up some good opportunities.


This email was originally sent on Friday 21 March 2014

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