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Friday Email: 25 January 2013

Every Friday morning our lead analyst Mark Riding sends out his weekly run-down and upcoming events in the investor calendar, like this one:

The markets have been very bullish again this week. The FTSE rose another 1% yesterday.

The U.K. has raised the European question and that may mean a lot to business in the long run. U.K. unemployment seems to be headed in the right direction.

Apple, for me was the stand out story again, falling 12% yesterday on the back of pretty decent numbers. The cash pile is now $137 billion. The market Cap is $420 billion and falling. Cash generated per quarter is around $15-20 billion.

Nobody has mentioned that the last quarter was a week shorter than the comparable quarter last year, further enhancing the numbers in my view.

Pre-tax profit is expected to be around $60 billion this year. It is difficult to say whether the current surge can continue.

The market has de-rated over the past decade or so and even a modest reversal of that across the board will mean further strength.

This email was originally sent on Friday 25 January 2013

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