Barclays Q3 2012 Results

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Barclays Q3 2012 Results

Performance Highlights

"These results demonstrate that we continue to have good momentum in our businesses despite the difficulties we faced through this period. While we have much to do to restore trust among stakeholders, our universal banking franchise remains strong and well positioned. I am proud of how our colleagues have continued to focus on delivering for our customers and clients, and am grateful for our customers' and clients' continued loyalty to Barclays.

We look forward to closing out 2012 in a strong position, and to sharing more with you in February 2013 about how we intend to make Barclays the 'Go-To' bank for all of our stakeholders."

Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive

  • Adjusted profit before tax up 18% to £5,954m for the nine months ended 30 September 2012, with an improvement of 27% in Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Statutory profit before tax down 86% to £712m, including an own credit charge of £4,019m (2011: gain of £2,971m), gain on disposal of BlackRock investment of £227m (2011: impairment/loss of £1,858m) and a £1,000m (2011: £1,000m) provision for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) redress, of which £700m was recognised in Q3
  • Adjusted return on average shareholders' equity increased to 8.8% (2011: 8.4%) with improvements in the majority of our businesses. Statutory return on average shareholders' equity was negative 0.5% (2011: positive 6.9%)
  • Adjusted income is in line with prior year at £22,347m despite challenging economic conditions, the continuing low interest rate environment and non recurrence of gains from the disposal of hedging instruments in Q3 11
  • Investment Bank income improved 7% to £9,129m. Q3 12 Investment Bank income was £2,633m, up 17% on Q3 11 but down 13% on the strong Q2 12 performance
  • Credit impairment charges were down 7% at £2,657m, principally reflecting improvements in the UK businesses, offset by higher charges in the Investment Bank and the RBB businesses in Europe and Africa
  • Operating expenses, excluding the £1,000m (2011: £1,000m) provision for PPI redress and £450m (2011: nil) provision for interest rate hedging products redress, were down 4% to £13,832m. Non-performance costs reduced 3% to £11,837m and performance costs reduced 9% to £1,995m
  • During Q3 12, sovereign exposures to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus reduced 15% to £4.8bn. The Group reduced local Euro funding mismatches in Spain by £2.4bn to £0.1bn and in Portugal by £0.4bn to £3.3bn
  • Core Tier 1 ratio strengthened to 11.2% in Q3 12 (30 June 2012: 10.9%). Risk weighted assets reduced 3% to £379bn, principally reflecting risk reduction in Corporate and Investment Banking and foreign exchange movements, partially offset by a change in methodology on loss given default for sovereign exposures
  • The Group continues to access both secured and unsecured term funding markets and has met its term funding needs for 2012 having raised £22bn of term funding in the first nine months of 2012, including £1bn through Barclays participation in the Bank of England's Funding for Lending Scheme
  • The liquidity pool was £160bn (30 June 2012: £170bn), remaining well above our liquidity risk appetite and within the month end range of £152bn to £173bn for the year to date (Full Year 2011: £140bn to £167bn)

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