CMC Markets plc Board has proposed a final dividend of 7.3 pence per share

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CMC Markets plc Board has proposed a final dividend of 7.3 pence per share

CMC Markets plc Board has proposed a final dividend payment of £20.4 million, which equates to 7.3 pence per share, resulting in a total dividend payment of 8.3 pence per share for the year. This is in line with the dividend policy of 50% of profit after tax.

Other financial highlights include:

Net operating income of £332.8 million (FY23: £288.4 million), up 15%, marks a new record-high outside the COVID-19 pandemic period and was driven by consistent performance throughout H2.

o Trading net revenue grew by 11%, to £259.1 million (FY23: £233.1 million), with the performance in both the retail and institutional segments of the business. Of our total trading net revenue, £74.8 million was made up of fixed transactional income, which constitutes financing and commissions. Institutional segment also continues to grow as a proportion of overall net revenue.

o Investing net revenue 10% lower than prior year at £34.0 million (FY23: £37.9 million) primarily driven by unfavourable movements in FX from a weaker Australian Dollar. On a constant currency basis investing net revenue was 3% lower year-on-year.

o Other income of £39.7 million (FY23: £17.4 million) up 128% due to higher global interest rates driving income from client and own cash balances.

Operating expenses, excluding variable remuneration, were £249.5 million (FY23: £217.2 million), including a non-recurring £12.3 million impairment charge relating to internally-developed platforms for the UK Invest and cash equities offerings and £4.3 million of one-off costs relating to actions to reduce global headcount.

Regulatory total Own Funds Requirements (OFR) ratio of 312% (FY23: 369%) and net available liquidity of £192.2 million (FY23: £184.2 million)

Statutory profit before tax of £63.3 million (FY23: £52.2 million), up 21%, reflecting net operating income outperformance and steps taken on costs.

Adjusted profit before tax, excluding non-recurring costs, of £80.0 million was up 52%.  

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