Hansard Global Plc has declared an interim dividend of 1.8p per share

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Hansard Global Plc has declared an interim dividend of 1.8p per share

The Hansard Global Plc Board has resolved to maintain its interim dividend at 1.8p per share (H1 2023: 1.8p per share). This will be paid on 25 April 2024 with an ex-dividend date of 14 March 2024.

Other financial highlights include:

IFRS profit before tax was £4.1m for H1 2024, up 32% from £3.1m in H1 2023.

The current year result has improved as a result of increases in fee income and continuation of a higher interest rate environment, partially offset by increased investment in strategic initiatives to improve future performance.

Fees and commissions earned totalled £23.9m for H1 2024, up 4% compared to £22.9m for H1 2023 driven by higher fee income in Hansard International.

Investment and other income increased by £0.7m to £3.1m for H1 2024, up 29% from £2.4m in H1 2023 as improved returns on surplus cash were offset by lower foreign exchange gains. 

Administrative and other expenses were £14.7m for H1 2024 compared to £14.1m in H1 2023 as a result of increased investment in strategic initiatives.

New business for the Group for H1 2024 was £36.2m in PVNBP ("Present Value of New Business Premiums") terms (H1 2023: £43.4m). This reflects ongoing uncertainties in global economic conditions and a general hesitancy by clients to commit to long-term savings products.

Assets under administration were £1.11 billion as at 31 December 2023, largely unchanged from £1.10 billion as at 30 June 2023.

Value of in-force business as at 31 December 2023 was £120.1m (30 June 2023: £124.4m).

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