GSK Plc Q3 2023 dividend of 14p declared

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GSK Plc Q3 2023 dividend of 14p declared

The GSK Plc Board has declared a third interim dividend for 2023 of 14p per share (Q3 2022: 13.75p per share).

GSK sees dividends as an essential component of total shareholder return and recognises the importance of dividends to shareholders. On 23 June 2021, at the GSK Investor Update, GSK set out that from 2022 a progressive dividend policy will be implemented guided by a 40 to 60 percent pay-out ratio through the investment cycle. The dividend policy, the total expected cash distribution, and the respective dividend pay-out ratios for GSK remain unchanged. GSK expects to declare a dividend of 56.5p per share for 2023. In setting its dividend policy, GSK considers the capital allocation priorities of the Group, its investment strategy for growth alongside the sustainability of the dividend.

Payment of dividends

The equivalent interim dividend receivable by ADR holders will be calculated based on the exchange rate on 9 January 2024. An annual fee of $0.03 per ADS (or $0.0075 per ADS per quarter) is charged by the Depositary. The ex-dividend date will be 16 November 2023, with a record date of 17 November 2023 and a payment date of 11 January 2024.

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