IG Group Holdings announce an increased interim cash dividend to 13.26 pence per share

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IG Group Holdings announce an increased interim cash dividend to 13.26 pence per share

The IG Group Holdings plc have proposed interim dividend for FY23 of 13.26 pence per share totalling £55.1 million was approved by the Board on 25 January 2023 and has not been included as a liability at 30 November 2022. This dividend will be paid on 3 March 2023 to those members on the register at the close of business on 3 February 2023.

Other financial highlights include:

- Total revenue increased 10% to £519.1 million (H1 FY22: £471.5 million). Adjusted total revenue increased 11% (H1 FY22: £465.7 million).

- Net trading revenue increased 5% to £494.9 million (H1 FY22: £471.9 million. Adjusted net trading revenue up 6% (H1 FY22: £466.1 million).

- Net interest income of £24.2 million (H1 FY22: £(0.4) million) rose significantly across all businesses, reflecting higher interest rates and continued high levels of client money.

- Strong growth in revenue per client and consistency in client retention rates reflected the continued unique, high quality of our client base.

- Active clients reduced slightly 312,000 (H1 FY22: 320,400), while new clients acquired of 37,500 (H1 FY22: 53,600), moderated from the very high levels in the comparative period, as anticipated.

- Total operating costs increased 25% to £279.9 million (H1 FY22: £223.3 million). Adjusted total operating costs of £256.8 million (H1 FY22: £205.7 million), up 25%, reflecting an additional month of tastytrade, FX headwinds, and increases in headcount.

- Profit before tax decreased slightly by 2% to £240.5 million (H1 FY22: £245.2 million), while adjusted profit before tax increased 1% to £260.7 million (H1 FY22: £258.0 million)

- High profit before tax margins of 46.3% (H1 FY22: 52.0%) maintained. Adjusted profit before tax margin was 50.2% (H1 FY22: 55.4%).

- Basic EPS was 45.8 pence (H1 FY22: 48.1 pence). Adjusted basic EPS was 49.7p (H1 FY22: 50.6 pence).

- Approved over £4 million in donations in line with their 1% of adjusted profit after tax commitment to charitable causes.

- Additional return of capital to shareholders in line with new Capital Allocation Framework:

- Bought back £114.1 million shares in the half under the £150 million share buyback scheme announced in July 2022. Shares repurchased as at 24 January 2023 total £126.6 million.

- Extending the share buyback by £50 million, to a total of £200 million.

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