Knights Group Holdings Plc have proposed final dividend of 2.04p

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Knights Group Holdings Plc have proposed final dividend of 2.04p

The Knights Group Holdings Board is proposing a final dividend of 2.04p Together with the interim dividend of 1.46p per share, this gives a total dividend for the year of 3.50p. The dividend will be payable on 30 September 2022 to shareholders on the register at 2 September 2022, subject to shareholder approval at the Group's AGM.

Other financial highlights include:

Revenue increased by 22% to £125.6m (2021: £103.2m)

o Organic growth of 2%, held back by Omicron in the typically important fourth quarter

o 20% revenue growth from acquisitions; a £14.8m increase in contribution from prior year acquisitions and £5.8m from in year acquisitions

Gross margins increased to 49.3% (2021: 48.9%)

Underlying PBT fell by 2% to £18.1m (2021: £18.4m), representing an underlying PBT margin of 14.4% (2021: 17.8%)

Underlying EPS decreased to 17.23p (2021: 18.30p). Basic EPS - loss of 3.02p (2021: profit of 4.14p)

Strong cash conversion of 109% (2021: 96%)

Lock up was 86 days (2021: 89 days excluding acquisitions), with continued improvement driven by strong culture and discipline of day-to-day cash collection across the Group

Net debt, excluding leases, of £28.9m (30 April 2021: £21.1m) after paying £18.0m of initial and deferred cash consideration for acquisitions

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