Eckoh PLC announce a final proposed Dividend at 0.67p per share

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Eckoh PLC announce a final proposed Dividend at 0.67p per share

Post year end the Eckoh PLC Directors are recommending that a final dividend for the year ended 31 March 2022 of 0.67 pence per ordinary share be paid to the Shareholders whose names appear on the register at the close of business on 23 September 2022, with payment on 21 October 2022. The ex-dividend date will be 22 September 2022. This recommendation will be put to the Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. Based on the shares in issue at the year end, this payment would amount to £2.0m.

Other financial highlights include:

Strong performance, as previously announced in Trading Update on 17 May 2022

Group ARR up 48%, reflecting market opportunity and ongoing shift to cloud

Adjusted operating profit up 10% with successful pivot to higher quality earnings following the completed exit from US and UK Support, which contributed £2m to FY21 adjusted operating profit

US Secure Payments performed strongly:

o Revenue up 8%, underlying growth stronger

o US ARR up 38% on an organic basis and 82% including Syntec

UK revenues returned to growth with transactional volumes largely returned to pre-pandemic levels

o Revenue up 9%, excluding third-party support or 3% total

o UK ARR of £16.5m, up 8% on an organic basis and up 36% including Syntec

Profit before taxation includes £1.0m of transactional costs (in connection with the acquisition of Syntec) and £0.9m of one-off restructuring costs

Balance sheet remains strong following the Syntec acquisition with net cash of £2.8m (FY21: £11.7m)

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