HSBC Holdings announce a second interim dividend of $0.18 per share

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HSBC Holdings announce a second interim dividend of $0.18 per share

HSBC Holdings plc Directors have approved a second interim dividend in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2021 of $0.18 per ordinary share, a distribution of approximately $3,649m. The second interim dividend for 2021 will be payable on 28 April 2022 to holders on the Principal Register in the UK, the Hong Kong Overseas Branch Register or the Bermuda Overseas Branch Register on 11 March 2022. No liability was recorded in the financial statements in respect of the second interim dividend for 2021.

Other financial highlights include:

• Reported profit after tax up $1.1bn to $2.0bn and reported profit before tax up $1.3bn to $2.7bn, reflecting lower ECL charges, lower operating expenses and revenue growth. Adjusted profit before tax up 79% to $4.0bn.

• Reported revenue up 2% to $12.0bn, mainly in Commercial Banking ('CMB') from growth in Credit and Lending and GTRF. Adjusted revenue up 2% to $12.1bn.

• Reported ECL were a net charge of $0.5bn, which included an increase in allowances to reflect recent developments in China's commercial real estate sector. 

• Reported operating expenses down 3% to $9.5bn due to a lower UK bank levy and further cost savings, partly offset by a $0.6bn impairment of goodwill related to their Wealth and Personal Banking ('WPB') business in Latin America. Adjusted operating expenses down 8% to $8.3bn.

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