CLS interim dividend maintained at 2.35 pence per share

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CLS interim dividend maintained at 2.35 pence per share

In September, the CLS Group will pay an interim dividend for 2021 of 2.35 pence per share, which is at the same level as the 2020 interim dividend.

Other financial:

EPRA NTA down 2.3% and EPRA NAV down 1.9% primarily as a result of foreign exchange reductions from strengthening sterling with the portfolio valuation flat in local currency

Like-for-like portfolio valuation up 0.2% in local currency with an increase in Germany of 1.5%, offset by declines in France of 0.1% and the UK of 0.5%

Profit before tax down 21.6% to £24.7 million (30 June 2020: £31.5 million) from investment property valuation decline of £2.8 million (30 June 2020: £2.7 million uplift) and FX reductions of £1.9 million (30 June 2020: £3.1 million gain) partly offset by cost savings

EPRA EPS down 22.9% from foreign exchange reductions, lower income from their hotel and student operations and lower dilapidations income. Statutory EPS down 58.5% due to increased deferred tax liabilities following the enactment of the change in future UK corporation tax rate from 19% to 25% 

Total accounting return of (0.8)% (30 June 2020: 4.6%)

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