Redcentric announce a final dividend of 2.4p (£3.7m) is being recommended

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Redcentric announce a final dividend of 2.4p (£3.7m) is being recommended

During the year, an interim dividend of 1.2p (£1.9m) was paid by Redcentric and a final dividend of 2.4p (£3.7m) is being recommended to shareholders. It is the intention of the board of directors of the Company (the "Board") to continue with a progressive dividend policy (50% of adjusted earnings) in FY22 and beyond.

Other financial highlights include:

Highly resilient results which are in line with the market expectations in place pre the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and with no benefit from any government support packages including no staff furloughed and no cash flow reliefs taken as at the year end.

Headline revenue growth of 4.5% to £91.4m.

Organic recurring revenue grew to 5.5% to £81.9m, with recurring revenue representing 90% of total revenue (FY20: £77.6m / 89%).

Adjusted EBITDA of £24.6m which is £4.0m (19%) ahead of FY20 reflecting the increased revenue and substantial direct and operating cost savings primarily derived from the network and data centre rationalisation programme.

During the financial year, the Company repaid in full its revolving credit facility. Net debt reduced by £19.0m to £15.6m as at 31 March 2021 (FY20: £34.5m), primarily reflecting adjusted cash flow from operations of £26.5m, net capex of £4.1m, interest and tax of £1.6m, dividend payments of £1.9m and net restitution payments and fees of £1.6m.

As at 31 March 2021 the Company had a year-end cash balance of £5.3m. 

Adjusted basic EPS of 7.23p (FY20: 4.76p) and statutory basic EPS of 6.01p (FY20: -7.14p).


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