RIT Capital announce dividend of 17.625pence per share

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RIT Capital announce dividend of 17.625pence per share

RIT Capital have paid a final interim dividend of 17.5 pence per share in October, providing shareholders with a total dividend in 2020 of 35 pence per share. For 2021, they are intending to pay a dividend of 35.25 pence per share, an increase of 0.7% over the previous year, slightly above inflation. This will be paid in two equal instalments in April and October. Supported by significant reserves, policy remains to maintain or increase the annual dividend, as long as it does not come into conflict with a Company's core objective of capital preservation.

Other financial highlights include:

Net Asset Value per share1 (NAV) total return of 16.4% for the year

NAV per share of 2,292 pence at 1 December 2020

Significant outperformance of both reference indices - absolute and relative

Growth in net assets in 2020 of ~£500 million

Total net assets stood at almost £3.6 billion at year end; a new all-time high

Share price ended the year at 2,065 pence

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