Unilever declare a quarterly dividend of £0.3472, € 0.4104 and $0.4517

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Unilever declare a quarterly dividend of £0.3472, € 0.4104 and $0.4517

The Unilever Boards have declared a quarterly interim dividend for Q4 2019 at the following rates which are equivalent in value at the rate of exchange applied under the terms of the Equalisation Agreement between the two companies:

Per Unilever N.V. ordinary share: € 0.4104

Per Unilever PLC ordinary share: £ 0.3472

Per Unilever N.V. New York share: US$ 0.4517

Per Unilever PLC American Depositary Receipt: US$ 0.4517

Other financial highlights include:

Underlying sales growth of 2.9% with 1.2% volume and 1.6% price

Underlying operating margin increased 50bps with 30bps from gross margin

Turnover increased 2.0% with a positive impact from currency and a negative impact from the spreads disposal

Operating margin and net profit decreased due to the €4.3 billion prior year gain from the spreads disposal

Free cash flow up €0.7 billion to €6.1 billion, helped by higher underlying operating profit which grew by €0.5 billion

Return on invested capital was 19.2%, up from 18.1% in the prior year

Underlying earnings per share up 8.1% including a positive impact of 2.3% from currency

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